Armando Troisi hired as the new Halo 4 Narrative Director

"Microsoft has provided an official response to the departure of Ryan Payton from 343 Industries. Armando Troisi will be the new Narrative Designer, which he formerly served as Lead Cinematic Designer on Mass Effect 2."

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NewZealander2657d ago

wow theres some serious talent working on halo 4, this is exactly what the franchise needs!

Winkle922657d ago

Agreed! I can't remember the last time so many famous designers pooled their talents on one project like this. That's a very good sign.

fluffydelusions2657d ago

Agreed! This guy is awesome

gamingdroid2657d ago

What I find interresting is this:

"Ryan Payton, who left earlier this summer, served as Narrative Designer on Halo 4 for 15 months. Armando Troisi was hired as the Halo 4 Narrative Director in March, having formerly served as the Lead Cinematic Designer on Mass Effect 2."

Which means, there was a period of overlap between the two employees.

Furthermore, why are we getting the news in September?

Wido2657d ago

Certainly am excited to see more Halo 4!

m232657d ago

I loved Mass Effect 2, he'll definitely bring some good things to Halo 4.

Convas2657d ago

Microsoft is not playing ANY games with Halo 4, for real.

Can't wait to see more, that Teaser Trailer left so many unanswered questions.