The Trouble With Sandbox Games

Exploring the frustrations and drawbacks of the Sandbox gaming genre, with the aid of eye-catching graphs, partial nudity and VERY harsh language.

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kma2k2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

Why is call of duty listed under sandbox?

Edit: Wasnt something similar listed on this yesterday?

shodan742653d ago

It's mentioned in the piece, along with a number of other non-Sandbox games. That's the only reason. As for the similar piece, I'm not sure. This is definitely an original submission however.

Legion2653d ago

He starts complaining about stupid stuff and then says, "What I am not looking for is ‘challenge’ brought about through bullshit instant kill attacks (I’m looking at you, Dead Space)" I had to read the title of the article again. Was Dead Space A Sandbox game???

He totally lost my interest when he started using graphs to explain why game elements are or aren't relevant. And then mentions that the sweet spot on the graph is a picture of my mum.

What again was his point...? Awful article... "The Trouble With Self Absorbed Poster Mark Butler" should be the better title.

SantistaUSA2653d ago

I didn't even bother to finish reading the article, he is just talking a bunch of non sense!

shodan742653d ago

The author of the article is actually Dave McConkey, by the way.

Not every game mentioned is a Sandbox game - the Dead Space example is just to illustrate a particular mechanic, I believe - but the overall discussion is of the problems that frequently occur with Sandbox games. The non-Sandbox games mentioned are there for reference etc.

Legion2653d ago

I guess I gave the blame to Butler for posting the article. Never got to the bottom to see anything saying anyone else was the Author. Thanks for setting me straight on who should be whipped for the article.

Mad_Mack2653d ago

I do appreciate the feedback. The column is still in its infancy, so I am still trying to find my feet with it.

I cited a number of games that were not sandbox games to highlight where I feel the game presented either a good or poor example of a particular mechanic. Apologies if this did not come across.

The author (myself) is David McConkey, not Mark Butler

Legion2653d ago

Let me give you a few pointers to assist you on your growth before you die an awful crib death.

Stay to the point. Don't use references outside of the scope of your title. If you are talking about mashed potatoes then don't talk about how you don't like the flavor of blue cheese compared to cheddar.

Be yourself, don't try and sensationalize a point by adding superlative and exaggerated banter.

Leave the graphs at home. I know we are gamers and most think we are geeks, but nobody wants to see the line graphs and then be told that we should not be expecting to see a different kind of graph. (hint... we didn't expect to see ANY graph)

Use the women's tactic when going out on the night. They always remove one thing from what they are wearing to make sure they haven't over done it. Do the same with your article... read it and find out what item you can take out. People always think others want to hear everything about your opinion on the subject. Not really... we just are interested in your thoughts without having you show us the color of your underwear.

Lastly, don't do what I just did here. If nobody can get to the bottom of the post then you have lost your audience before you made your point. Keep it simpler... EDIT, REDUCE, Give a lot of information clearly and in a few words; brief but comprehensive. (CONCISE)

Mad_Mack2653d ago


I do welcome the comments. I will take them on board. Keep an eye on FMV for future posts and have a read over the last few posts and see what you think.

Do you have a blog or column or any examples of your writing. I would be interested in comparing.

BattleTorn2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

enough of these non-gamer journalist that can't find their way around in a Sandbox.

It's just like the one from yesterday,

Cause he never could use his imagination.

Mad_Mack2653d ago

I am a gamer and have enjoyed the good examples of a sandbox.

I recently completed Prototype and it left a bad taste in my mouth. I also didnt find GTA IV as much fun as GTA III or Vice City, so that is where the roots of this article lie, not in my inability to navigate my way around.

BattleTorn2653d ago

i apologize for the generalization.

in article yesterday, the author was going on about how in sandbox games he never could find anything to do, and nothing to work towards.

which i find opposing, cause in sandbox games you can choose how to make your money, what you do with it.

I do see where people are coming from, cause if my mind is tired, i find myselve wondering aimlessly.

Legion2653d ago

And yet we didn't get that from your article Mack. We couldn't get by your delivery and rambling about other things before getting to your point. Hopefully your next venture into the journalistic realm will allow us to get to the real root of your issue?

Let me know, I would truly be interested to see if you grow into it?

waltercross2653d ago

@ Mad_Mack

Hell I still play GTA 4 just to cause chaos and kill police officers and go on high speed chases, It's a blast, I Guess sand box games aren't for everyone, for me it is though.

Legion2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Good point waltercross.

Always remember that though you have reasons for not liking certain types of games, a quick observation on the affirmative side before posting your negative side will make your audience less defensive. Especially when you are arguing points against a favored game type.

EDIT: didn't realize I was at 5 posts on the subject already. I will check out your articles if I get a chance Mad_Mack. But as for any of my writing you won't find it anyplace but in reports to the Commander and HQ and possibly verbal copies of debates in college that might have survived? Take my advice as that of your audience speaking their voice and do what you may with it.

I learned in NCO Academy to know my audience and be able to talk within their scope. It pays dividends to be able to communicate your thoughts in a way that will allow your audience to empathize with your opinion, even if they might not agree with it.

I might not follow my own advice when posting but hey I am retired now and I don't have concerns about people judging me.

p.s. If you want to use someone as a muse then try to look at Adam Sessler on G4TV. That guy has some strange tastes in games sometimes but at least he knows how to voice his opinion well.

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Pikajew2653d ago

A game doesnt need story to be fun. If you want a great story in a game go play a visual novel.

xabmol2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

It's the butter, man!

That's the problem with sandbox games.

Think of a game as a piece of toast. The production value/polish is the butter.

In a sandbox game, the size of the toast gets bigger, but they're still working with the same amount of butter.

GTA4 had quite a few dry spots; Uncharted 2 left everyone with butterfingers.

EDIT: Daah, buttered toast Eddy!

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