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Rise of Nightmares - Review (EuroGamer)

Dan Whitehead writes:"Where are our games?" So wailed the gaming hardcore when Kinect galloped into view, bringing with it cuddly animals, carnival games and Avatars playing volleyball. "Oh, don't worry, we'll get around to you eventually," replied the games industry (speaking as one for the sake of a clumsy review intro). "We'll make some hardcore games with some blood and swearing, and maybe a bit of side-boob if you're lucky." (Kinect, Rise Of Nightmares, Xbox 360) 5/10

Objective  +   1141d ago
"Movement is handled by putting one foot forward to start Josh moving. The further forward you move your foot, the faster he goes. Step back and he back pedals. Turning your shoulders steers him left and right. It's simple and it comes tantalisingly close to working."
FlashXIII  +   1141d ago
Can't see how anybody can prefer free movement like that over using a controller. I'm sure you get the hang of it fairly quickly but it just sounds like a complete detachment from the game.
jdfoster  +   1141d ago
Not what IGN said... IGN said the complete opposite. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

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Bleach  +   1141d ago
It's to be expected to be honest. Kinect is a joke.
_Empath_  +   1141d ago
Kinect should be free.
edonus  +   1141d ago
And again we find someone that is apperantlt awkward and clumsy and cant coordinate there body to there brain.

Its not that hard.....all I can say is it is appearant that these gamers reviewing this game are the cliche' nerds from the 80s that have no athletic ability what so ever.

You can adjust the speed of your turn response....no one that has bashed the game has mentioned that. Yeah all the wonky spinning yourself into traps can be adjusted to your level of physical control. When I first started I went with a faster turn speed but found kinect actually tracks your nuance movements a little too well so I actually scaled it back a little bit to make it tighter.

You cant have people with no Kinect experience reviewing these games they discredit their organization and the industry.

Another thing They never talk about the little cool things like how if you are left handed the game is automatically adusted for you because when you pick up a weapon it maps to the one you use. I would say this game is designed fairly easy, it guides you through a lot of stuff and keeps a pace that is slow enough to adjust to. Imagine if they would have added fast running and jumping zombies and made your movements faster......these clown ass reviewers would be running in circles getting their brains ate out.....their physical inabilities are holding back development of real hardcore motion control gaming..... danm Dweebs!

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