[GAMINGtruth] Introducing Final Fantasy Zero

One fan of the early Final Fantasy games takes his dedication much further with the creation of a whole new installment made "by fans, for fans".

Known as Final Fantasy Zero, this fan-made RPG will be available for free on PC when it's released, and will feature game mechanics and elements that are featured in the popular FF franchise.

GAMINGtruth delves into the game's screenshots and trailer to see what that title has to offer. Built on Enterbrain's RPG Maker XP, FFZ has the classic look that the early Final Fantasy titles all possess, and will feature the familiar turn-based combat and other elements from J-RPG's.

No release date has been set for Final Fantasy Zero, and it's not affiliated in any way with Square Enix. FFZ is an unofficial non-profit independent gaming project.

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Canary2652d ago

Holy copyright infringement, batman!

On a more serious note, why is it that when westerners go about to writing fantasy, they feel the need to screw around with spelling in the lamest ways possible? Aemi instead of Amy, in this case.

Or how when Japanese writers make up fantasy names, they look to German for inspiration.

Blaine2652d ago

Or the weather: Cloud, Squall, Lightning...

Hicken2652d ago

Ever think that the names are unrelated, or perhaps that it's an older version of the same name? Names are just like all the other words out there: they evolve over time.

Did you know that the word "awful" (or aweful) used to be a good thing?

Which games look to German for inspiration? Games that have a German theme, maybe? Like, say, Xenosaga? Or Valkyrie Profile?

Writing a fantasy story means you shouldn't be running into Johnnies and Darlas. Fantasies are usually based on mythologies, to some extent, (typically European in the Western world) so games that are fantastic in nature will likely have characters whose names would fit into such a world.

There weren't a lot of Franks in the Dark Ages.

helghast1022652d ago

Is there any reason to be using the Final Fantasy name for this? especially one that so closely resembles an upcoming one?