E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy - Review PC (EuroGamer)

Dan Whitehead writes:The inspiration for this indie RPG/FPS hybrid, developed by the 10-strong team at Streum On Studio, is clearly Deus Ex. Not only does it take place in a cyberpunk setting, but it also offers a dizzying amount of player choice. Bionic implants, psychic powers, multiple approaches to every mission - Ion Storm Austin's seminal genre mashup is a comparison as obvious as it is accurate. Yet, after soaking in Divine Cybermancy's strange brew for several weeks, that's not what the game reminds me of most.

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Myst2658d ago

Ah what? I know the game had it's run of problems in the beginning but the patch has helped. The studio is also working on ironing out some more things. Thus far it seems like the most dedicated bunch of 12 developers thus far. It's not you standard fare FPS being that RPG elements are in it. Hell it really confuses me still and I sat and read most of the descriptions for the skills. Yet in all that it's pretty fun because there is just something about it I don't know that makes it rather enjoyable. 5 seems rather harsh. I'd go for like an 7 or 8 :/

ATi_Elite2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Sorry Myst i gotta disagree with you on this one. E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy has some very deep RPG elements (maybe too deep) and the patch should fix the FPS parts but the game is just all over the place trying to be Deus Ex but forgets to add fun in the mix.

I think 5 is a good score and I'm mad i bought this crap! graphically the game is way too dark, plain, and drab! Sure it's from an Indie Dev but it just needs a lot more work and some fun added to the game play!

Myst2658d ago

Eh yeah in a way I agree with the dark aspect after playing some more of it this morning. I got shot and didn't even see where from until it was pretty much too late! As for the FPS part the game seems a bit better for me, before it used to blur almost every time I shot now (after that initial patch) I can shoot and see. So that's why I kind of raised the bar a bit.

Well they did say DLC and the like were to come to the game just a matter of price point and value added to it would decide I suppose. Yet with all they have in it making it so technical I wonder what else they could add..