Sledgehammer boss wants to develop Modern Warfare 4

Sledgehammer Games' CEO Glen Schofield has told GamerZines that he would "do high fives" if Activision gave his team the chance to develop Modern Warfare 4, despite having "no idea" what the future holds.

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Supman2534d ago

Oh ok. how bout' black ops 2? world at war 2? modern warfare 5 6 7 8 9 10. we got every year right?
just keep milking away activision .

LOGICWINS2534d ago

What do you care? No ones forcing you to buy em :)

Jobesy2534d ago

I guess people are being forced to buy it...oh well, more sales :p

frelyler2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

I don't think that is Supman's problem. I think the problem is that industry follows popular trends. If it sells, make it right? The problem with COD is that everyone sees the money it makes. So more and more companies start saying to themselves lets make a game that has all the elements of COD because it will sell. This is obviously not true in the real world, but everyone wants a piece of the pie so they are blinded. Eventually the market is flooded with games that have tacked on multiplayer and and poor single player campaigns because the developer spread themselves too thin. They think well COD has multiplayer so we must have it too. I happen to like single player games much more than MP games, that's just my taste. Right now though it seems the market is stagnating because everyone assumes if you just include COD like online it will sell the same numbers. COD and it's whole culture is killing creativity in the game market. Games are being made backwards and because of that cost a lot of money, no one wants to gamble so they bet on the market trend which is COD. Creativity is why games even exist in the first place. So when a cash cow comes along and kills that element people rightfully so get upset. Look at it this way. Say a major manufacturer has a great sale average for the most hideous shirt you have ever seen. Then all the other companies decide they are going to emulate that hideousness. Eventually when you go to buy a shirt you can't get one without an element of the terrible looking shirt that appears so great because of the numbers it's doing, wouldn't you be at least a little annoyed? Not the best analogy but I think people will get what I am trying to say.

LOGICWINS2534d ago

"So more and more companies start saying to themselves lets make a game that has all the elements of COD because it will sell."

Thats not COD's fault. Thats other companies fault for not having the balls to be themselves and follow their OWN unique vision.

It's not COD's fault that other shooters want to play follow the leader.

PCE2534d ago

The recycled hate comments on this site are not any better than the CoD games. It's sad people spend so much time sitting in front of their computer bashing CoD when they can just go back to playing their amazing games. Like really?

DarkTower8052534d ago

@ frelyler, I applaude you that you took the time to write an intelligent comment eventhough I don't agree with it. It's better than the usual fanboy dribble around here. + bubs for you.

Like Logicwins says, it's on the devs to make a good and unique mp. If they try to copy COD, that just shows their laziness.

SuperBeast8112534d ago

LOL true but gamestop gets pretty close to forcing you to preorder the damn thing lol

J86blum2534d ago

Agreed, im done with COD until something fresh comes from that farm.

frelyler2534d ago


I agree it's not COD's fault, fully. I should have elaborated more and included the following. It's the fanbase's fault. I know it's not a popular idea and I am not name calling or saying anyone is in the wrong for liking COD, that comes down to personal choice and I say have at it. The problem is that Activision has gotten lazy with the franchise and milked it and as consumers we have not only allowed and tolerated it, but cheered it on by buying essentially the same thing each year. I played the crap out of COD4, it was and still is awesome, but what followed was not. Shorter and shorter campaigns, exclusive maps to certain consoles, non parity between versions and over charging for content that should have been included. Consumers should demand more and when they don't companies get lazy. Now had COD reinvented itself and not done the things above on each release I would not have as big a problem with it. I have been gaming for 26 years, single player games is where my interests lie and I see it being overshadowed by something that does not appeal to me and quite frankly seems like a rip off when you really step back and ask why am I spending 60 dollars on the same game again. If that's how you roll then go right ahead, but I like a good single player and creativity and it's getting more and more scarce these days. On a side not maybe El Shaddai is a sign that things are not that stagnant after all.


the other thing to remember here, when you say it's the other dev's fault for trying to copy COD, these dev's are being driven by the publishers. it's the publishers who see the money and say we need a game that does that.

I am sure given the chance a lot of devs would not mind trying something different, but will the buplishers let them knowing that most gamers will just go and buy cod anyway rather then try something different and knew.

i use to like cod, but I am just tired of it now. I don't think mw3 will really play or feel like cod4. I am not sold on what I have seen of it so far and the whole online pass has really put me off, but that is just me.

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Dart892534d ago Show
The Meerkat2534d ago

A modder in his bedroom could make MW4.

Its just a map pack after all.

Simco8762534d ago

This ^^^

If you were a contract game developer and a huge company like Activision extended your contract.. you would "do high fives" also

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