Modern Warfare 3 User Created Modes Could Become Official

NowGamer: Most popular MW3 user modes could hit public playlist.

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TimmyShire2657d ago

I've already planned out my match design!

skyward2657d ago

If you can tweak objectives/killstreak types this could be awesome. Definitely needs a CoD4 'classic' mode at launch!

fluffydelusions2657d ago

Def agree. Step in the right direction anyway.

Motorola2657d ago

Black Ops has one and NO ONE plays it. Well 300 people do on PSN....


they need a bare bones mode were it DOESNT take away the gun customisation.

Farsendor12657d ago

no one plays cause its not ranked if the games were ranked people would play more often. talking of black ops

blaktek2657d ago

"Community feedback is what drives most of our decision-making for post-launch support especially, Because we want to see what they want more of ..."

Now THAT is comedy !

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