Uncharted - PS3 vs Vita - Graphics Comparison

Check out the screenshots comparison between Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted: Golden Abyss

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Treezy5042480d ago

This game is going to look amazing.

jriquelme_paraguay2480d ago

i will buy the Vita on Day one...
i want a biiiig game... something i can play more than 100hs... like Skyrim or something.

HelghastKid2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Dont know if you are a fan of the Persona series, but P4 is coming to the vita and those games have quite a bit of content.

Wolfie2480d ago

Persona 4: The Golden is coming to Vita, u can spend on it a lot of hours, and wait for Sony Conference at TGS, i'm sure they will announce BIG games :)

TheLastGuardian2480d ago

I've put almost 200 hours into LittleBigPlanet 2 so far. I know I could put at least 150 hours into LBP on Vita, probably alot more. It's supposed to be a launch title too.

I know you're probably talking more like a full on RPG but I'm just saying. LBP Vita will most likely have more content than any game on Vita. LBP Vita has all of LBP2's tools and more so there will be long RPG levels in LBP Vita as well.

Inception2479d ago

Besides Persona 4 Golden / LBP 2, there's Disgaea 3 and Dragon's Crown who will had ton's of hours to play. Andddd you still can re-download PS1 classic / PSP games that you already bought from PSN to vita. So 100 hours imho are just a piece of cake for vita :D

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Caleb_1412480d ago

Wish I had the money for a Vita...

Dakidog2479d ago

Save $10 a week starting now and you should have enough or maybe more by the time it drops, now if you're an adult it's less than a pay check so feel free to splurge on yourself that one time lol.

Caleb_1412479d ago

$10 a week I can't afford considering i'm going to univeristy... *cries*

MasterCornholio2479d ago

Get a job you lazy bum

LOL kidding

EverydayGuy2479d ago

Give blood, $50 each time

remanutd552480d ago

Golden Abyss is looking really good !!!!

LightofDarkness2480d ago

So it looks better than DF? Nice one, ND.

fantasygamer2480d ago

Uncharted Golden Abyss is being developed by Sony Bend with help from Naughty Dog so don't forget to credit Sony Bend too.

sikbeta2480d ago

DAY ONE! for the Vita and DAY ONE for Golden Abyss!

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The story is too old to be commented.