Review: Dead Island (PC) - Arcade of the Dead Rising?

Dead Island was a game that received too much hype (no pun intended) before its release. It effectively made the world talk about it and we reached the point where one would even find analyses of its trailer.
Yes, it appears that people had nothing better to do than analyze a few minutes of a slow motion trailer.

Well, the game is here now and boy is this different from what I expected or what? But let’s get the necessities out of the way first so that we can focus on the game play.


There have been some comments on the N4G site regarding some of the review points. I’ll try to answer them all here:

Regarding the Hype remark. OK, it was a bad pun, but puns are always bad anyway. Apart from that, the game had indeed received too much hype prior to its release and I certainly expected something different compared to what I got.

The weapons actually degraded as easily as I stated. I did upgrade whatever I could but it didn’t help much. Keep in mind that I didn’t go far in the game, because I found it to be far too tedious and as a result the only weapons I got were the flimsy ones. While 20 hits might seem reasonable for a wooden paddle, are certainly not enough for a cleaver or a pipe, no matter how “flimsy” they are. It’s metal, I’m striking flesh, not hard surfaces.

Regarding the inventory issue, I explicitly mention that unless your inventory is full you automatically equip the weapon you just picked up.

I certainly don’t know how the whiskey bottles reacted on your game (I had the latest patched version), but whenever I picked up an “Alcohol” bottle and pressed fire, the character would take a sip resulting in my vision becoming blurry and my walking unstable.

Keep in mind that I don’t own the lowest review score for this game. In the end, my 60% score represents what I considered to be a boring and tedious procedure which won’t even try to not insult the single player gamers, but if you can convince a few friends to play with you, it becomes more interesting (hence the 80%).

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BattleTorn2658d ago

"Dead Island was a game that received too much hype (no pun intended) before its release."

Can someone explain where the Pun could possibly be?

Extrahype2658d ago

Take a look at the site's name, where the review was posted, and you'll get it.

Extrahype2658d ago

Well, no use of saying that to me, and saying it here... If you want, you can put up a comment over at the review itself, where the editor can read them reply...

antz11042658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

^ But there is use here. It was posted here, so people comment on it. Thats how it works.

Lame attempt at getting people to go to your site.

gsgm2658d ago

@ Antz1104:

Excuse me, but how else do you propose we read the review, if we don't visit the site?
By guessing or we must be psychic?

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Drekken2658d ago

That wasn't a pun... even with the sites name.

Extrahype2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

My bad, double post! Sorry!

Ashby_JC2658d ago

Im enjoying the game!!!

Lots of fun :)

Ashby_JC2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Ok I usually dont get into what reviewers say about a game because its there OPINION.

BUT...when a reviewer spews incorrect information I have to speak out.

1. He bashes the inventory system and states false info...

...your weapons DO NOT degrade as FAST as he makes it out. You can upgrade your weapon to make it stronger and also upgrade your character so weapons last longer.

Also the reason this GAME does this is so you have a reason to try out other weapons.

2. When your inventory slots are full (which you can expand btw) you can ONLY swap a weapon yu have in your hand. If you have empty slots the weapon you pick up goes into a slot. Or if you want u can HOLD X and it ill equip.

3. False on his notion that if you pick up a whiskey bottle it will be suddenly in your hand and you can accidentily drink it. BS!! Certain items like whiskey, bandages, water etc...accumulate into your inverntory and DONT take up a weapon slot.

You can carry as much whiskey as you want. At one point I had 10. Every 5 you can take to a NPC to get the converted to a Molatav cocktail.

If your going to review a game at least get your facts straight...there are ppl who will read this review and take all he says as fact...when he has alot FALSE~!!

6 out of 10 ...I can see the game rating low easily...but writing false info and rating the game a 6 is just wrong!

EDIT---Jut realized he is playing the PC maybe I am wrong and they made these changes from the console version (Which I am playing)

gsgm2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Looks like the reviewer replied to your points!

Ashby_JC2658d ago

I just saw that. Didnt expect that.

He is on the PC version so e all his complaints are legit as I am playing on the console version.

So if the issues are like that on PC I would be pissed also :)

There is a hella lot of whiskey on this island and for it to get equiped as a weapon when you pick it up is unacceptable on the devs (pc) version.

Tokyo_reject2658d ago

Nope, even if he's on the PC version he doesnt know what hes talking about lol

Tokyo_reject2658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

About the Whiskey thing, im the Throwing expert, theres a skill that makes it when he drinks the whiskey and becomes drunk he becomes more powerful with slicing and blunt weapons. ITS SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN....this guys who wrote this review is an idiot and needs to be fired...

AND ALSO, the reason you pick up items and it gets put into one of your slots if you have nothing there is genius...and ill tell you why. They made it so when you throw a weapon, you go pick it up and it will be back into your slot for another throwing...

Ashby_JC2658d ago


The game IMO...the inventory and how you use weapons is a PLUS.

Im not going to knock the reviewers opinion as maybe on the PC its different. Im on the 360.

I love when you throw an object like a blade or other sharp object it sticks in the zombie. You can get close and grab it out and back up and throw it again. also have a chance depending on who your character is or how you upgrade to get it back (boomerang) lol.

Not sure when the slo mo kicks in but I have thrown a knife...that stuck in the autoswitches to next weapon...cut there head off....and grab the knife out of them in seconds....I LOVE IT!!

The game has ALOT to like and also some NOT to like. I agree about the respawning of items and zombies. But I didnt expect much from the game. Plus im a zombie FAN!!!

Hopefully the game sells well so they can expand on it. Unlike the crapola that was dead rising 2. ALl they did with DR2 was repackage the same premise with a different character in a similar setting. But didnt really improve on anything that made DR1 so good.

Im about to go home and CHOP some heads OFF!!!

gsgm2658d ago

Yeah, well... Next time you want to start name-calling, you might wanna take a look at 1:50 here. When he picks up the whiskey bottle the hammer goes away because you equipped it as your weapon.

And when there's a weapon switch, the weapon switched, goes to an occupied space in the inventory, not an empty one.