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Dead Island Review | abcnews

The drama takes place on a fictional island called Banoi. Your character wakes up after a night of carousing to discover that most of the people on the island are afflicted with something much worse than a hangover. After fleeing your hotel and meeting up with some fellow survivors, you have two goals: rescue other noninfected humans and find a way off Banoi. (Dead Island, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 2/4

One-X  +   1453d ago
Personally I find the review a little harsh myself, giving it only a 2/4 because of bugs and and glitches. I can understand them being annoying and hindering someones playthrough of this game, but for it to more or less ruin someones whole experience of this game seems a little far-fetched.

Also surprised to hear someone not like the co-op mode too, but hey, each to their own I guess.
Cpt_kitten  +   1453d ago
agreed, actually i find some of the bugs funny

the coop is great though i haven't tried it in full swing but to be at the workbench and leave that menu to find someone staring at you from on top of the work bench is hilarious

im enjoying the game though im at this point more exploring than anything but having a lot of fun
antz1104  +   1453d ago
2/4 is such a random score, lol.
Septic  +   1453d ago
This surely has to be the Marmite title of the year. There are so many varying review scores on this game.

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