Will the Wii be Detrimental to Dragon Quest X?

After nearly three years of waiting, Square-Enix finally unveiled Dragon Quest X. While many speculated that the title had been pushed to Wii U or even moved to the PlayStation 3, Square Enix kept their promise and intend to launch the title on Nintendo Wii. While it still makes some sense to launch a huge title like Dragon Quest X at this point in the Wii's lifespan, what is a bit more questionable is launching an online RPG.

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supremacy2654d ago

I just dont get why this series isnt multiplatform like final fantasy is.

The wii just doesnt sell like it did a couple of years ago,this game if ported to all systems will sell well. Its not often you get a big dragon quest game, squarenix your numbers are down then you wonder why.

Mario4life2654d ago

i dont think its a big deal, rpgs tend to sell enough to make a profit on wii, but you have to remember it is also gonna be a wii u game which could be a boost to the overall profit of the game

Stealth2k2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Because square is actually smart with dragon quest. The cost of putting it on all systems does not outweigh the potential profit.

The wii was the highest selling console of 2010. And thats because for the last 5 holidays nintendo makes up like 6+ months worth of sales.

The smartest thing they could do is release it during a holiday in japan, and close t launch for the wii u

supremacy2653d ago

i suppose that could work i mean the wii is fairly cheap to develop for after all.

Squatch832654d ago

Nope. It doesnt matter that its on Wii, what will ruin it is subscriptions.

nyobzoo2653d ago

Wii and online doesn't go well

stragomccloud2653d ago

Wii online isn't as bad as people say it is anymore. Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Call of Duty, Monster Hunter... all pleasant experiences. That said... I remember when I first tried to play Smash online.... One of the worst experiences of my life.