9.3 Resistance 3 Review writes "The Resistance series has come a long way since its first outing as a release title for the PS3. From the original story of Hale fighting off a seemingly alien invasion, Insomniac have crafted a world full of stories, all tied to a grander narrative."

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scar-leg2652d ago


I have to wait until tomorrow :'(

coolbeans2652d ago

The wait will be worth it just for the SP campaign. Can't get enough of it so far.

leahcim2652d ago

It amaze me how I can find only 90s and up scores for this game and just a very few less than 90 scores.. then metacritics its showing a 82 with a ton of 80 & 70...even they totally not mention the perfect scores such as g4tv..

coolbeans2652d ago

g4tv's will be on there eventually.

callahan092652d ago

Unfortunately I am waiting until the PlayStation 3D monitor comes out, because it comes with that for free. I really want to play the game, though. But for now I am still enjoying Catherine, El Shaddai, Disgaea 4, and Deus Ex. Soon enough Gears 3, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, Skyrim, Rage, Might & Magic 6, too darn many games.