Deus Ex:Human Revolution Extreme Graphics with ENBSeries promises to offer next-generation visuals

DSOGaming writes: "We all pretty much know the ENB series, the mod responsible for all those mind-blowing GTA IV screenshots. In fact, without it, GTA IV wouldn’t be as great – visually – as it is now. So, get ready everyone because Boris Vorontsov is currently making a version of his ENBSeries mod for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

This first version features better SSAO, indirect lighting, shadows (beta), the annoying palette/p*ss filter is removed and true HDR rendering has been added."

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Winkle922630d ago

I don't know what all those fancy words mean, but they shure sound purdy!

BubbleSniper2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

yeah this looks like a vast improvement.

SP3333D-O2630d ago

Sounds great, but the only difference from I saw from the videos was a much lower framerate.

john22630d ago

The difference can be easily spotted, especially when we're talking about the SSAO:

Original ->

ENBSeries ->

PS: Some shadows are bugged at the moment so you might notice some 'artifacts'

BlackKnight2630d ago

He records with fraps, always a huge performance hit.