Call of Duty XP audience cheers at Elite $49.99 price

During the recent Call of Duty XP event the reveal for Call of Duty Elite was met with some encouragement from the audience perhaps proving that die hard Call of Duty fans will buy anything Call of Duty related.

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SpaceSquirrel2652d ago

I have no idea why the audience is cheering

NuclearDuke2652d ago

Activision: We will release DLC at a total amount of $75 this year for Modern Warfare 3.
Activision: If you wish all these packs and additional content in form of clan features, game shows and live broadcasting with commentary at the best possible quality - You can subscribe a year for $50.

You get more, for less = approved.

RedSky2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Activision: Our market research analysts have concluded that we can get away with charging our fans $75 for additional maps we could have put in our game if we had release cycles longer than a year! And they'll gobble it up like pigs at the trough.

Activision: But don't worry, if you want that and everything PC gamers have had for free for half a decade (including clan support, playing in a team for those who have been living under a rock or started playing games at MW2) you can get it for $50!

Arbitrary number for A < Arbitrary number for B

You win!

HenryFord2652d ago

But that isn't even completely true, because it seems like everyone is overlooking the fact that Elite is $50 per YEAR. So, in order for you to continue to play with your Clan (and probably even continue to play your DLC) you have to pay another $50 the next year . Hugh - what is that? Suddenly the price mark at $75 for the DLC sounds good? Don't mind that "next year" the next iteration to the CoD-series will be made and MW3 will be forgotten by the publisher - you'll see the $75 DLC, but nothing more.

Apocwhen2652d ago

@HenryFord - Not true. They show you the Free v Elite feature breakdown on the website and it explicitly states you get to keep the DLC you obtained with Elite subscription, after it lapses.

HenryFord2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Ah, thanks for the heads up - that's why I said "probably" though, because I didn't know the details here.

So make it:
If you want to enjoy ELITE features afterwards, you have to pay $50 continuesly.

Coffin872652d ago

@1.1 NuclearDuke
The thing here is not "get more pay less", the problem is more like "why the f* do people actually f*in want this and are still willing to pay for it".

LightSamus2652d ago

@HenryFord Also, it's highly likely that Elite will be used in all future CoD games to come so whilst you'll be paying for a second year of MW3 say, you'll also be paying for the first year of the next CoD and getting all the DLC etc. for it. Even now Elite cover Black Ops so when launched Elite will already cover two titles.

slavish2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

wait $75 in DLC this year? Im not that up to date but MW3 comes out Nov, right? The year ends Dec 31. I find that very very hard to believe. Maybe you mean within a year of release? If so thats cool to have the much support! I never understood why they just stop supporting the old games when the new ones come out if people are still playing them. They have so many developers they could easily use one to support older games DLC. There is a article on n4g where activison say they have 500 developers for COD series.

unicron72652d ago

$75 for DLC? Activision can kindly go fuck itself.

HenryFord2651d ago

That again puts it in a new light - if that happens (and it makes absolute sense), ELITE could offer something valueable indeed, at least for those people who enjoy the yearly dosis of CoD (I for one don't, but I can see why it is appealing. I had fun with it, but got bored to quickly - and to be honest: I just can't get into the play style, I raged all time at CoD because thus I quit...)

SilentNegotiator2651d ago

Cheers? I think they meant "bleats"

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GameZenith2652d ago

Because the audience is a true example of internet personalities.

Those same people cheering would probably be the same people here on the internet bashing MW3 and praising BF3. However, because Activision invited them to this special event, they feel that they must "show appreciation" for them so instead of booing, they cheer.

Mind you, a great majority of the people in the audience were people from the media so that should go to tell you something.....

tordavis2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

I was there. I even got a chance to tell Robert Bowling what I hated about the last two games. It doesn't matter that Activision brought us there. My best friends LOVE COD. They bought ALL the map packs for Black Ops. $60 worth. So even having Elite Premium for a year is worth it. Oh and Elite Premium is free for the first year with the Hardened Edition. Is everyone forgetting that? So yeah, there's a reason to cheer for that price.

Grip2652d ago

u dum[email protected] Hardened Edition worth 100$ u will get to pay 40$ from Normal Edition.. and next year u will pay 150$ for that one.. what waste of money!! that's a food for one family for a year in Somalia

EVILDEAD3602651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

@ Grip...YOU are the actual '[email protected]'..comparing the price of gaming to food for a family of Somalia..weak

GameZenith you got it completely mixed up..

COD XP represents the ACTUAL fans of the series..sure it's a press event, but just because 25 or 30 people (some with multi-accounts) spend their lives on a given internet site/forum repeatedly bashing COD, it has nothing to do with REALITY.

Offline, the masses are HUGE COD fans and the hardcore of them absolutely should cheer for Elite. It's what is going to bring them together.

I actually didn't know you get Elite free for a year with 'Hardened'..thats a HUGE win alone if you are guaranteed all of the DLC.

I bought the LA. Noire pass for the extra 10 bucks and loved the idea of getting all current and future DLC.

Many of us bought COD:MW2 for over a hundred just to get those silly

For get the Bungie like stats..Looking back I'd take the DLC alone over the goggles or the 'remote control car' any day.


NuclearDuke2652d ago

@RedSky: You can still play in a Team/Clan without CoD:ELITE. They give clan incencitives with CoD:ELITE to promote a team/clan community.

iPad2652d ago

Damn thats crazy. Imagine when someone buys the MW3 360 bundle?


SkylineR2652d ago

They probably had internal "fans" cheering for Elite. That's a rip-off!
I mean I would've been fine if they'd charged like 800MS points or something as a one-off, but this pricing is ridiculous. At least it's optional and not something you need to play online.

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SuperSaiyan42652d ago

Shows you how many idiots there are in this world *sigh* human de-volution...

Fishy Fingers2652d ago

Who are they to be excited by something they enjoy, don't they know you can't spend your own money on what you want! Idiots!!

retrofly2652d ago

This ^^^. If people enjoy it, who gives f**k?

People spend their money on worse things, people just need to stop giving a crap and get on with their lives.

wallis2652d ago

I see what you're trying to do there but it doesn't change the fact these people are idiots. The fact they enjoy Call of Duty in this fashion, and are prepared to spend so much money on a four hour long game that has long since abandoned any pretense of artistic integrity in lieu of nothing but the most shameless and stomach churning corporate greed can do nothing but qualify them as stupider than spit.

Maybe it's just me but I have NEVER met someone who's a true gamer who says "black ops" or "mw2" was his/her favourite game. They say oblivion, or skyrim, or mass effect 2, or deus ex, or silent hill 2, or far cry, or portal, or half life, or team fortress or counter strike or ANYTHING. When I think of the games out there with the sheer depth and gameplay quality they have and then I think that the average Joe would rather spend three hours playing nothing but the most basic skill-less pile of shit that has ever been placed on this Earth I want to do nothing but stick my fingers in my throat and gag until the foamy bile causes to me enter seizure.

Once upon a time Call of Duty was about the soldier's plight and struggle during world war 2. Then it stepped it up and tackled the far more interesting and complicated issue of how a modern infantry unit can possibly remain a "hero" in a world where a single button press can wipe a city of a map. Now Call of Duty means God awful multiplayer that's designed to addict you using only the most shallow of tactics and storylines cobbled together in a desperate bid to make some sort of sense of scenes designed solely to incite spectacle and NOTHING else.

These people are fucking idiots and I'm saying this not just knowing that about 8000 Call of Duty fanboys are going to hit the disagree button so hard they expect a care package to slam through their roof and kill their mother but I'm saying it HOPING they do because I'm tired of having to pretend they occupy the same space as those of us who like our games to last longer than a movie and offer us ACTUAL game play instead of an slightly interactive movie set.

tordavis2652d ago


MW3 is nothing like Black Ops and MW2. So please stop comparing it. MW3 is the most balanced version of the series I've played since MW1.

When you enjoy something that doesn't harm you and keep spending money on it, that doesn't make you an idiot, that makes you smart. Smokers are idiots, not gamers.

Saladfax2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

It creates an unsettling prospect where developers have the idea that they can monetize anything. Worse, considering the amount of samey crap that keeps getting spewed out year after year, they won't bother to do simple things like improve or change gameplay.

It won't be about having more fun and unique ideas. It'll be about squeezing every drop of money possible from the consumers because for some reason they're willing to pay giant piles of money to receive very little, poor quality content.

It's like how Transformers movies keep getting made. They suck. They suck horribly. Even the base fun of giant robots (hideously designed) fighting is ruined by terrible film-making and horrible human characters. Yet people keep paying money for this shit.

If shit makes money, then greed mongers are going to start shoveling tons of it in your face.

Now, I'm not too worried because I'm optimistic that there will always be at least a few good games to play. However if this kind of greed mongering crap becomes the rule and not the exception, overall quality in gaming *will* go down, and not by a little.

iHEARTboobs2652d ago


God, you're so dramatic. Go outside and cool down. Why does it bother you so much that people love the COD milk? If you feel it's sour, don't drink it. But obviously that's become so hard and every COD thread gets spammed with the same comments over and over and over. But I get it, you don't like COD or Activision. Fine! Move on and stop trying to push your OPINIONS onto people! Let the people who enjoy it, enjoy it.

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RaidensRising2652d ago

COD fans will buy anything...there's no hope is there.

Caleb_1412652d ago

I really hope Battlefield 3 knocks COD down a perch or at least evens the odds. Want Activision to allow their studios to begin innovating again because they have to to keep up with the competition! It'll happen eventually anyway.

bakasora2652d ago

So every year a X360 COD fan spend:
$60 (Game)
$50 (Xbox Live)
$50 (COD elite)

badz1492652d ago

considering most of them will only play CoD game all year and once the new 1 comes, buy that and play it for another year...rinse and repeat!

rjdofu2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

Playing the same game all year (they're pretty much the same for every version), that's so sad. But only casual gamers play game that way, real gamers buy all genres.

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