Dead Island on PS3 The First 20 Minutes (HD 1080p)

@Ve3tro: "Check out the first 20 minutes of Dead Island running on the PS3."

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DrFUD2652d ago

wow. no screen tearing.
now i regret not pre-ordering from gamestop.

Mr_Lu_Kim2652d ago

How can this be PS3 footage and be in 1080p?

not 1920:1080 that's for sure.

Drewminati2652d ago

Never regret doing anything you feel related to gamestop..

gamestop isn't worth it. seriously!!

BanditMask2652d ago

There are some flaws on the 360 version at least, but I didn't really start noticing them until after reading reviews were they were pointed out. Not that it has really effected my enjoyment of the title so far, it still fun. :)

xX-Jak-Xx2652d ago

i bought it yesterday
not a very good game

DarthJay2652d ago

You're right, it's a very awesome game.

MysticStrummer2652d ago

Thank you. I've been laughing at the N4G community for the last couple of days, mostly for arguing about which console version looks better when they both look terrible to me, but also because the gameplay itself is not that great. Maybe it's because I played Deus Ex: Human Revolution right before Dead Island, but this game could have used 6 more months of polish at least. I love killing zombies and I was hoping this game would be a step forward for that type of game but it's a big letdown. Sadly, CoD's Nazi Zombies mode is still the best zombie killing to be found on consoles.

antz11042651d ago

Thank you, I've been laughing at your comments. Firstly, comparing Deux Ex and DI....two games that are nothing alike.

Then saying Nazi zombies is the best zombie killing. Sorry, but L4D holds that title, with DI running a very close second.