Top Ten Video Game Traitors

Gamebreakers: "You know how plots go: They are always using one device or another to move themselves along. Parents die to fuel revenge. Inner monologues give us insight into a troubled character. Enemies become friends, and friends become enemies. This list looks at the latter. Any way you slice it, whether they go from friend to foe or vice-versa, they are betraying someone. Here are the Top Ten people who turned their cloaks, for good or for ill."

(Major game spoilers ahead, particularly for the recently-released Portal 2)

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iamnsuperman2658d ago

I wouldn't call Kessler a traitor. He didn't exactly stab Cole in the back or betray him

Imikida2657d ago

Same with Bowser, I don't ever remember him back stabbing Mario.

SOD_Delta2658d ago

Wheatley was the dumbest back stabber (literally) :)

tiffac0082658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

Sepiroth of FFVII could be considered after all he was the super soldier hero, idolized by almost everyone including the rookie Cloud then BOOM! He went crazy and started killing off people. XD

Kyosuke_Sanada2657d ago

Revolver Ocelot deserves to be on the list even though it's not against the player. I mean look at his works from Snake Eater and beyond, he was the first person who introduced me to triple-crossing.

morganfell2657d ago

MGS4 SPOILER ALERT************************* ******************************* ******************************* ******************************* ******************************* ******************************* ******************************* ******************************* ******************************* **
If you played MGS4 all the way through and watched the cutscene after the credits then you know that Ocelot wasn't a traitor after all.

helghast1022657d ago

No Dark Yomi from Terranigma? Those subtle hints the game throws your way before the reveal were great.

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