Ragnarok Odyssey Screenshots

andriasang: We have a colorful logo and first screenshots to go along with that trailer we posted from Ragnarok Odyssey earlier in the day.

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NewMonday2655d ago

it is from Gamearts, the makers of Lunar and Grandia, should be great

mr_epsym_knird2655d ago

Lunar Eternal Blue Remake would be like a gift from the Gaming gods,tbh.

coryok2654d ago

ya it would, one of my favorite games

mr_epsym_knird2655d ago

This is what I want. The trailer was so dull so I just can't say anything yet worthy of praises because the screen was really small. Ragnarok Online was like your very colorful JARPG online so I was kind of let down by the blandness of the trailer, seeing these screens gives me hope that Gung-ho is doing a great job. Also the trailer needs more kaboom and magic. Need to be flashier but I guess a game on development needs a more of our patience. I'll wait but these pictures are good enough IMO.