Video: Hard Reset PC Max Settings 4xFSAA 1080p Gameplay Footage

Hard Reset looks pretty good.

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ATi_Elite2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Looks dam good and fun! can't wait to pick Hard Reset up!!

FSAA (Full Screen AA or also known as Super Sampling AA) = real Anti-Aliasing!

TheIneffableBob2478d ago

But not necessarily efficient.

Letros2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Ic what you're saying, yea super sampling is a beast, but does look good.

ATi_Elite2478d ago (Edited 2478d ago )

Well most GPU's now a days have the balls to run FSAA or SSAA but yeah it puts a whoopen on GPU's!

and if my GPU is breaking a sweat well then i'm happy!! GTAIV maxed out with ICenhancer mod at 1920*1080p with 4xSSAA and 8xAF is a serious work out for GPU's

qwertyz2477d ago

Hard reset maxed out 1080p makes console games look last generation LOL PC FTW!!!

joydestroy2478d ago

the demo looked and played amazingly. can't wait for this one.

InNomeDiDio2478d ago

Loading the Demo right now

NiteX2478d ago

Demo was very cool. A great score for PC gamers.