BF3 Notched 1.25 Million Pre-orders, More Than MW3? | Another Killzone 2 Sales Debacle

While we can not successfully use pre-order figures to analyze overall sales height of games, it is quite interesting to see EA taking sales hype of BF3 to the next level. we should not in a hurry forget the 1.1 million pre-order killzone 2 hype and it's sudden collapse.

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Virus2012656d ago

Yeah but Battlefield isn't Killzone 2. Killzone 2 was horrible and slow. The only good thing was the graphics. Bf3 plays at a much faster pace (I played the Alpha) and will have many more multiplayer features than Killzone 2.

NegativeCreep4272656d ago

Sheesh, you sound just like my big brother...whom is the biggest COD fanboy that I know.

Either you are just like my brother or you have never played Killzone 2.

Which one is it?

Virus2012656d ago

I owned Killzone 2 and CoD 4. Beyond that I haven't played any other Mw2 and Black Ops because It was basically CoD 4 in a different setting.

deadpoole2656d ago

In his defense .... Im a diehard fps fan ... but Killzone 2 was one ... and I mean one fps because of horrible controller aimin deadzone area and delay ... made it impossible for me to play.

Killzone 3 on the other hand is much much better and Im loving it ... aimin wise.

dinkeldinkse2656d ago

You probably think KZ2 sucks because it plays nothing like most shooters.

KZ3 is garbage like most shooters.

EVILDEAD3602656d ago

BF3 is not ahead of MW3 in preorders, but with that said the Killzone 2 'million' preorder announcement was a fake.

It was reported as a rumor in gossip paper and then it spread to the internet game and fan blogger sites as 'fact' right before the game was released.

The truth was revealed when the actual sales proved otherwise..but there is no need to knock the game for what happened.


MidnytRain2655d ago


Impossible for YOU to play? Let's just be honest: the people who complain about KZ2's weight just suck at the game.

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-Alpha2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

There was more to Killzone 2 than the graphics. Battlefield's 1.25 million pre-orders wont be the same as Killzone's story because Battlefield is such an established franchise with a huge following. Killzone's quick collapse was a matter of the audience being immediately turned off by Killzone's flaws.

Most notably is the lack of a party system. There was just no excuse for it and most people went back to having a fun social experience with COD. Things like controls and lack of variety compared to other shooters also quickly diminished Killzone's popularity but really, Battlefield's pre-order sales are a lot more confident because it's a franchise that has developed far differently than KZ

KwietStorm2656d ago

Killzone 2 was far from horrible, very distantly far from horrible.

HeavenlySnipes2656d ago


"KZ2 did not control how all the other 1000 FPSs out there do. I hated that they tried to do something different and not conform to the 'norm' within the genre. Thanks to me, KZ3 was made with this opinion in mind, so it doesn't really set itself forward in the FPS genre and I'll be one of the first to call it generic even though it was people like me that caused it to change that way".

EVILDEAD3602656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

wrong place

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DrFUD2656d ago

Heard from a buddy at EA that Microsoft recently made threats to the company regarding Sony getting any exclusives on or with Battlefield 3.

Mrmagnumman3572656d ago

they have that policy actually

kaveti66162656d ago

I'm sure DrFUD is telling the truth. It's not in his nature to spread fear, uncertainty, or doubt about anything.

KwietStorm2656d ago

Is your buddy's first name Bull?

Guitardr852656d ago

Whether that's true or not, the messed up part is that Microsoft actually has an active policy of refusing any product that is either released first on another product or comes with exclusive content on another product. People say this is an attempt to cover up and leverage their company size against the fact that their console is limited and has old tech in it.

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BigDog552656d ago

And the sheep buy the same game every year!

bobtheimpaler2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

This africangamer website is trash.

I'm yet to play an FPS on this generation of console that is anywhere near as immersive as KZ2 is. KZ3 is pretty shit though. It's as if the devs went out of their way to make it as generic and casual as possible.

Excellent AI, gun mechanics, art direction. Really sucked you into this massive universe they created. And you can almost feel the impact of every bullet.

Yeah it was a slower game than usual, but smarter than the casual dross plaguing systems these days. A lot smarter too. No matter how well BF3(because sales are a sign of quality, right?) will sell, I'm sure it will make me forget about KZ3's generic short comings.

bobtheimpaler2656d ago

well whats to disagree with?

KZ2 had better set pieces and more enemies on the screen. There's nothing in KZ3 that had my heart going as when you had to kill that ATAC on the roof or when you were defending Visari Square.

KZ3 held the gamers hand through everything with loads of scripted and on-rails events that were poorly designed. Only a monkey would still find that kind of "variety" amusing. The last level was boring as hell. All you had to do was hold the trigger button down. Gunplay was shit and had no skill, because people thought that having recoil led to random kills.*face palm*

And there are still loads of'd think that after 12 patches they would have sorted everything out by now, but there are still loads of issues.

I was in the closed beta. The devs said they took out server browsing because people can't read. Thank you, the lowest common denominator of society, for ruining the challenge in games.

BattleAxe2656d ago (Edited 2656d ago )

Resistance 3 is better than both KZ2 and KZ3. Guerrilla Games just can't seem to nail down a top notch game. Personally I think GG should be used as a graphics studio, and let someone else write the story and do the multiplayer design. KZ2 was ok, but the custom rooms sucked because people kept making 45 minute and 1 hour long games and most rooms kept replaying Radec Academy all the time.....gets boring after a while. I got to the 2nd to last rank in KZ2, but KZ3 I ended up trading it in after a couple of months because the screwed the damn game up so bad.

As far as Battlefield goes, regardless of what your feelings are towards the game, it won't sell anything even close to MW3, and not having the game on Steam doesn't help their cause much. This year my time will be spent on Resistance 3, Payday: the Heist and Uncharted 3, MW3 and Battlefield 3 are on the back burner for me this time around.

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