Square Enix has a new teaser site

Square Enix has opened a new teaser site that is "A Brand New Title of Hell".

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Agent_hitman2653d ago

Is that the output after their fell almost 10% this week?..

I feel sorry for SE, that is my favorite gaming publisher, honestly

FlashXIII2653d ago

You reap what you sow. Serves them right for releasing so many half assed products for the current gen consoles.

Disccordia2653d ago

They've only released two

dangert122653d ago

They had a few on the 360 aswell

FlashXIII2653d ago

To be fair a lot of the games I was thinking of they just published. My point remains valid though, FF13 was nowhere near on the same level of the other series and FF14 is one of the worst received major mmo launches I've ever seen.

knifefight2653d ago

"A Brand New Title of Hell"

^ Square Enix finally being honest about its quality level....

Inception2652d ago

But why you still submited news about them just like this one:


KingPin2653d ago

"Square Enix has a new teaser site"

no square- final fantasy versus xiii site has been out for a long time now.

you teased the ps3 gamers long enough now.

mr_epsym_knird2653d ago

This is the big problem with PS3 owners. They think Square is an IP of Sony.

dangert122653d ago

Well they were ment to be exclusive games

mr_epsym_knird2653d ago

@ dangert12

It'll come out eventually. SE is just killing the hype out of Versus so people would focus on the task at both hands which are Type 0 and FFXIII-2.

And at this point of time, Versus PS3 exclusivity is just something you need to throw out of the water already, like really. :-P

KingPin2653d ago

its not that. its just i gave up on them coz we never heard any news from them regarding versus. for all i know that game is cancelled. i mean it iwas in development long before any of their newly announced titles.

how would you like it if epic games announced gears 4 and then instead of producing that, they go on to announce unreal tournament, another bullet storm, another unreal or even a new game altogether. all the while not revealing any news of gears 4.

what you gonna say then? all 360 fans thinks Epic games is a IP of microsoft .....yeeeaaaahhhhh didnt think so.

ScubaSteve12653d ago


mr_epsym_knird2653d ago

I would have want to really agree with you on this but how many games did Square put into this generation(handheld and home consoles) compared to other game developers?

Wintersun6162653d ago

It doesn't matter how many. We've seen even gameplay footage of Vs XIII, and it seems like production on that has been halted completely until XIII-2 and Type-0 are done. The problem here is that Versus could have and should have been released before XIII-2 was announced.

Inception2653d ago

I fear that Versus is canceled and SE never want to localize Type-0. Well, good luck SE cause you will need it very badly :)

Inception2653d ago

well i hope my fear isnt true >.<

Do you know Level 5 game called "Ushiro"? Level 5 already made it for like what, 2-3 years, and they even show some gameplay trailer just like versus. But last year they canceled the project. So versus still have the possibility like Ushiro.

As for Type-0, Kitase / Tabata already said that they concerned with PSP status on US / EU. And they still think it's not a good decision to localize it. I don't know. Maybe this time the history will change for "every FF will eventually make it overseas".

pedrami912653d ago

with all due respect, Versus looks to be way more ahead in terms of development.

Ushiro, for all we know might've been changed into Time Travelers for the 3DS, as the main characters from Ushiro resembles the ones in Time Travelers.

darfreeze2653d ago

Why would they cancel Versus when it already enter the last phase? And Type-0 like every FF will eventually make it overseas.

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