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Submitted by whateva 1618d ago | article

is Sony moving away from the old XMB UI?

looks like Sony is moving away from the XMB UI in it's newer products, noticeably missing from the PlayStation Vita & Sony's New STR-DA5700ES and STR-DA3700ES AV Receivers that ships in November with the "activity based UI" that's said to be easier to use than the XMB (XrossMediaBar), could we be seeing the new activity based UI in a future FW update for the PS3? (PS Vita, PS3, Sony)

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KingSlayer  +   1618d ago
Very nice interface, but the XMB is pretty damned fast/easy to navigate. I wouldn't be shocked if they updated the PS3 to the new UI.

EDIT: @xX-StolenSoul-Xx
I do. It's still fast.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1618d ago
fast? i think you may be a little wrong their. Try opening the Xmb While ingame or messaging a friend while ingame, it could take painfully long.
JoGam  +   1618d ago
He never spoke about ingame. But normally the XMB is fast as hell.
quicksilver2011   1618d ago | Spam
RememberThe357  +   1618d ago
"so you judge the speed of xmb when your idle with no game running? how convenient."

Ummm yeah. We're talking about easy of use. The delay during gameplay is a memory issue not an interface issue. The XMB is simple and easy to use and fast.

IMO That UI just seems flat and lame. The XMB concept is the best we've seen, at this point it just needs a face lift.
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xAlmostPro  +   1618d ago
The XMB is only really slow while in game if the game uses resources poorly :)
Disccordia  +   1618d ago
Its nothing to do with the game it's the ps3 split memory.

A new interface is a must IMO. The current one was never designed to have trophies hence the reason why you have to sync them. And it was never designed to run in game.

I expect an update to concede with vita
JBaby343  +   1618d ago
They can update the XMB but I hope they don't do away with it. It's very simple and easy to use. Any in-game delay is not a fault of the XMB itself. As an interface it is very user-friendly. They just need to tweak it a little for faster in game loading.
GrieverSoul  +   1617d ago
Try sending a message via ingame menu on the Xbox360. Its still a pain. Its not as slow as the Ps3 but its still noticeable how slow its gets while ingame.

People here that dont own the two consoles are full of $&#%! They spit the bad things they read about and make them 10 times worse than they actually are.
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Corax  +   1617d ago
@Disccordia actually the XMB was designed to run in game if i can find the vid its with a big muscular guy moving a box if your talking about the trophies being in game they dont show up unless you compare them with another friend

Best thing i love about the XMB is that it's not filled with ads everywhere unless i make it my theme
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Dark_king  +   1617d ago
@Corax nope the XMB was not intended to run in game.We did not have access to the XMB in game at first.
ziggurcat  +   1617d ago
@ disccordia:

actually, it has everything to do with the game.

a slow in-game XMB means that the devs did a poor job at optimizing their game.
dark-hollow  +   1618d ago
Xmb is not bad, but it's old right now and I think we need a new fresh UI with the ps4.
dboyc310  +   1618d ago
Hopefully they do change me it feels quite outdated...and when I mean change I'm not talking about adding new icons -_-
itsralf  +   1617d ago
I agree. I was already tired of the XMB before I even got my first PS3 when they released the 40gb model. I had 2 PSP's before I got my PS3. Sooo, nothing new in quite a while.
sikbeta  +   1617d ago
Read it on GAF, don't like it, lame icons, they don't need to scrap XMB, just make it better with more customization and it'll perfect...
Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1617d ago
pretty nice PS3 XMB needs a update really badly.
theonlylolking  +   1617d ago
You dumb peeps. The XMB is fast EXCEPT in-game.
shanghaikid  +   1617d ago
That's not a nice interface imo...
FACTUAL evidence  +   1617d ago
If this did become the new UI, hopefully the ps3 will be able to use X game chat from it, being as it can't do it with the xmb.
The Great Melon  +   1617d ago
While it may not be slow, it becomes cumbersome to use with a lot of files. Then again I may be jaded after using a pc a lot and just search to find everything.

Read?!? pshh I use find/grep.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   1618d ago
I really want a overhall but i also don't want all the Current themes to not work on the new Ui. Especially the themes that people been hard at work on @
so many themes their and it would be sad to see them die.
jerethdagryphon  +   1618d ago
the xmb and the duel shock controller are both emmy winning designs, i dont know abot changing it i love it as it is
dark-hollow  +   1618d ago
The iPhone designs are award winning too, but people got bored from the same design, hence came the iPhone 4.

so Sony may outdone themselves and create new UI while maintaining the ease of use and responsiveness.
thespaz  +   1618d ago
False, the iPhone has sported the same user interface since launch of the original iPhone and they haven't changed it yet.
djsandman  +   1617d ago
Emmy winning lol, even though most people including myself agree the ergonomic design of the Xbox controller is light-years better in terms of build quality, comfort and precision. My system's of choice have been PS1, PS2, and now Xbox 360. Its very difficult for me to buy a game on the PS3 over the Xbox for that reason. After getting used to the Xbox controller there is no comparison.. It's become difficult to even pick up the PS3 controller, it definitely feels like it was from the mid 90's. Which is kinda sad.. If they implemented it again, I doubt I'll bother picking up the next PS out of principle.
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jerethdagryphon  +   1617d ago
for a start it was the original one that won

heres links to the event it was the 2007

or 58th
djsandman  +   1617d ago
I didn't deny it got an emmy. I laughed considering how bad the controller is.
suicidalblues  +   1617d ago

So you liked the ps2 controller but hate the ps3 controller? You're fanboy logic seems flawed.
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STONEY4  +   1617d ago
I personally can't stand the Xbox controller. Shooting with the long triggers, the fact that almost every Xbox game has the triggers for shooting by default (I prefer L1 and R1, triggers for secondary and grenades), the big size of it (and I have big hands), and the analogue stick positions have always felt weird to me.

Neither is better. It's just a matter of preference. I also think the XMB is simpler and easier to navigate than the Dashboard. It's like the iOS interface vs the Android. It's preference.
Hatmantc  +   1617d ago
@dj i can't stand the 360 controller.. hate the triggers they feel cheap to me, and the off set stick make my hands hurt.. but thats all personal preference
NukaCola  +   1618d ago
I would like the XMB to be the pop up menu like how the 360 kept a smaller verison of LIVe's old menu as a pop up quick menu, but I think they need a tune up. They still could have dynamic themes, and even use them as screen savers, but I would like an updated interface. Something to compliment the awesome Vita Interface perhaps.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1618d ago
I don't mind change.
badboy7428  +   1618d ago
I want a change but it still should allow you to go back to the old design.
C_Menz  +   1618d ago
Sony should just allow people to choose from several designs to best fit what people like if they do update or change the current set up.
Godmars290  +   1618d ago
Yeah, if its only a matter of what order they're in.
CloseSecond  +   1618d ago
Sony wont do much now with the PS3. Too close to a PS4.
MorningStar  +   1618d ago
XMB is a poor design. If you have a lot of apps on your PS3 it can take some time for the images to load. The worst part about the XMB is the ingame XMB. It is really slow and laggy and 90% of the features cannot be used making it the most pointless feature. MS had a great idea of having a mini nav for when ingame.
swinesucker  +   1617d ago
Axecution  +   1617d ago
Whats with his disagrees? Honestly? What he said was true.

Scroll down fast through all your PSN games and the text and icons do not load until you stop scrolling. In-Game XMB is also slow, and most features can't be used and instead just say "To perform this operation, you must quit the game. Do you want to quit the game now?"

I dont understand why anyone disagreed with him. And Swinesucker, nice argument. You sure made a good point.

If you guys don't think that the PS3 needs a new/improved/different menu while in game, you're insane.
FragMnTagM  +   1617d ago
I agree man. I like my PS3, but there are three things I can't stand about it.

One is the XMB. Like MorningStar above said, it is very slow when scrolling through a bunch of music or movies. It is painfully slow in-game.

Two is the controller. Got big hands, it hurts after a few hours of play.

Three is looking at trophies, god what a pain in the ass.

These are not major gripes, but they do hamper my experience with the PS3.

To be fair, I hate some things about the XBOX also.

I like the clean look of the NXE, but I don't like the adds. Sometimes it is OK if it is stuff I want and or need, but most of the time annoying as hell.

I hate the built in wireless of the new XBOX. My Belkin wireless gaming adapter stomps the shit out of it, even though I have a nice N router and N wireless in the XBOX, the Belkin wireless G adapter is way faster.

On topic, I would love a new interface for the PS3 especially if it is faster.
MorningStar  +   1617d ago
Just goes to show how immature PS3 fanboys are to disagree with something that is fact and not opinion. MS have a better nav it doesn't have trouble loading images / text. The ingame nav is smooth. Compare trying to read new messages between the PS3 and 360 and see which one is both easier and quicker.

Not trying to start a fanboy fight here especially considering I own both consoles. PS3 before 360 but I prefer my 360 due to many reasons. However time and time again Sony show that they did not put enough thought into their console. They didn't take online gaming seriously that is why PSN was so poor to start with. Now they finally admit the reason there is no cross game chat is because they didnt leave space for that sort of feature.

PSN plus is a way to get money because they quickly figured out that they couldnt afford to keep a free network. Now with their PSN Pass another rip off. Then you have the controller which was a quick job because their original controller everyone hated. It didn't even launch with dual shock. They over priced their console at launch (I have a launch console).

The XMB was nice for the PSP but PS3 no. Its slow and laggy and doesnt really do much while the NXE does have a fresh look and does a lot more than the XMB. These are all facts not opinion.
hkgamer  +   1614d ago
@ MorningStar
I believe that the XMB is a great way to navigate through everything, since it is quick and easy to use. However it does look a little to plain.
It's hard to compare it with the 360 because the PS3 has RAM issues and the only reason the XMB is slow is because of the ram and not because of the layout.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   1618d ago
I'd be cool with anything as long they don't put a bunch of ads in my face.
thebudgetgamer  +   1618d ago
the only thing it needs is to be faster, i will always take simple functionality over flashy mess.
CloseSecond  +   1618d ago
One thing is for sure, the new PS Store icons are butt ugly. Terrible plain white icons that look like clip art from the 80's.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1618d ago
i love how people think the XMB is some revolutionary design that is absolutely groundbreaking lol.

its a simple left/right menu with up/down sub-menus - these have been the norm for DECADES before the XMB was made lol. most websites from the 90s had these menus. the original Xbox 360 menu was this exact style, just with more graphical flair, and this was before the PS3.

the XMB is NOTHING new or special. IMO its plain, boring, and seriously outdated. its bloated, has too many pointless icons, and is unappealing to look at. the NXE is the EXACT same format as the XMB only inverted (up/down menu with left/right sub-menus) yet it is aesthetically pleasing. its got slick animations, dynamic icons that even have music and looping videos, and is just as fast if not faster to navigate thanks to being able to press LB/RB to quickly skip from end to end.

having said that, the Vitas menu looks even worse than the XMB. looks like something youd see on the wii.
thebudgetgamer  +   1618d ago
you really are just puling stuff out of thin air,not one comment even comes close to saying that.

it doesn't need to be flashy. it's only a way to get to your games and what not, your not driving it down the road.

must be rough hating yourself.
PIayStation  +   1618d ago
Sorry bud, but XMB is quicker than NXE, and that is all people are looking for when it comes to navigating a menu
TyrionL  +   1618d ago
I don't think you're right about that homie. Maybe if you are just completely use to XMB, or have never used NXE your comment would hold true. I have both, and I can find what I need on NXE 10x faster than I can on XMB. I would challenge you to a race to find a specific item and just about guarantee I would find it faster on NXE then you could on XMB. If you changed it up and put 2 people that have never used either I bet the NXE person would still find stuff faster as well, then if you switched them the other person would win. I just think the NXE is much more user friendly, not that XMB is bad just NXE is easier to grasp. Once they add Bing to it, there’s no way anyone could say XMB is better.
djsandman  +   1617d ago
Okay, go type out a message during a game. That takes me a few minutes on my PS and 20 seconds on the Xbox. If I'm not in a party talking to the person already or in prv chat.
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baodeus  +   1617d ago
why type when u can just sent a voice message?
5119ent  +   1618d ago
xmb is should have put more ram in the ps3
kma2k  +   1618d ago
music needs a freakin cover flow, ive been saying this for a couple years now. Some of us have all our music on there & strolling through 300+ artists to get to someone that starts with a T is insane. Cover flow would be nice, or at least let us scroll through by letter of artist not all of them!
Blaine  +   1618d ago
I only have about 20 or so albums on there so I don't have that problem, but have you tried sorting your library differently? By pushing the square button you should get different sorting options, maybe there'll be a better one for you. (If you already tried, don't be offended I suggested it! Some users actually don't know that...)
Ray J  +   1618d ago
damn, you just beat me to it. :)
Ray J  +   1618d ago
dude you're soooooo right! you'd think with all the power the ps3 has available when idle in xmb, sony can add cover flow with ease. but nope.

but hey, scrolling is much easier if you press square multible times. that way you can sort music by track(letter).
kma2k  +   1618d ago
Oh yea ive tried the square thing but i have ALL my music on my 500gb hdd on my ps3 its over 80gb of songs, litterally tens of thousands of songs. If they added a simple thing even of scroll by author by letter it would be sweet.
nightmarex121  +   1618d ago
I would love to see a new ui.
Blaine  +   1618d ago
I think we're all just forgetting what it is we're talking about here: a gaming console.

For getting me from my games, to the social options, system settings, media, and to the store, the XMB couldn't really be more functional. And that's all I want: functionality. It could look prettier, sure, but why? I can't see it getting dramatically more user-friendly, since it's already pretty damn good at that, especially when you consider it's just a console.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1618d ago
If they change it, what would that do to all the XMB themes people bought off of PSN? Will they even work?
WitWolfy  +   1618d ago
Of course they will the only thing that makes premium themes cool as what they are is the animated background. The rest is still the same old XMB at work
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TheObserver  +   1618d ago
I like XMB because it is simple and easy to use. My only complaint is the music player. I have 2k+ worth of songs and it is hard to access a specific song I want. XMB on the PSP to be exact.
Cosmo811  +   1618d ago
please please please please please
jizzyjones  +   1618d ago
XMB is fast and simple, but in-game its a joke. Id like to see a faster XMB in game certainly that drinks less memory for new features.
thespaz  +   1618d ago
Man, that new interface looks really ugly. I wouldn't like that.

If they do end up changing it, I hope they make an option to revert to the old mode.

I don't see how that would be any faster anyway because of sub-categories that you won't even be able to see until you click one of the main categories.
tarbis  +   1618d ago
Don't think they'll change the PS3's XMB. It'll piss off a lot of people.
SAE  +   1618d ago
just put it as a theme so anyone can choose what they want :) ...
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ginsunuva  +   1618d ago
Xmb is ingenious! Why would they scrap it?
Rob946  +   1618d ago
Honestly, I think the XMB looks much better then that and it's very easy to navigate. No need to change the design just keep adding features.
TheTimeDoctor  +   1618d ago
i like the XMB, but why not have options to view for UI in different configs. the more the merrier.
FlintGREY  +   1617d ago
I love the "maturity" of the XMB...leave it alone
Simco876  +   1617d ago
Still plays games right? All the rest is just a new paint job
Awesome-Xanto  +   1617d ago
I hate the XMB and the store menu, I really don't understand how anyone could love either. I have both systems and will say that the Xbox menu and marketplace is completely easier to use and looks a lot better than the XMB. That said, I would rather use my PS3 more often, but if they keep that dang menu then I will stick with the Xbox and the PS3 will stay for exclusives.

Any new UI would be a breath of fresh air in my opinion... so bring it Sony. I love your blu-ray and your free PSN, but that dang menu needs to go.

Sony even knows the software on the PS3 sucks, they have said it themselves...

After all these years of learning the inside and outside of there system somebody at Sony should be able to develop better software for the PS3 that uses less system resources and is visually appealing.
#29 (Edited 1617d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
guitar_nerd_23  +   1617d ago
I do like the XMB, but it would make my PS3 feel all shiney and new again with a new interface- I think I'm for it.
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