Halo-related Mission Icefly ARG kicks back into action

VG247 writes: Mission IceFly, the ARG which made headlines in late June and is strongly suspected to bear some relation to Halo 4, is back.

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thrasherv32508d ago


I'm skeptical.

wwm0nkey2508d ago

I really doubt this is Halo related.

jozzah2508d ago

Pretty sure it was established that it was 5-Gum

vishant1012507d ago

I have an invite while in the arg there is a five gum logo

wwm0nkey2507d ago

Just a FYI this is a thing for 5Gum

Read the in a nut shell part

Whore_Mouth2507d ago

It was found out over a week ago that this is indeed just for 5 gum. Wrigley's has their name all over it with trademarks.

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