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CheatCC - Calling BloodRayne a half-hearted video game that only had the lead female character's sex appeal going for it would be like calling Bayonetta Game of the Year material. It's just not true. This is not to say Bayonetta is a horrible game by any means, nor is it to say that the original BloodRayne titles didn't have their faults. But the BloodRayne series simply had a lot more going for it than a lot of people like to give it credit for.

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EditorAtGNG2652d ago

Looks great. I would love a port on PC.

Oh and a third person sequel would be nice just as well.

HellzAssassin2652d ago

Oh man, the shit I would do for a full fledged 3-D BloodRayne sequel... :O

Betrayal is actually quite good though :D I love it!