Slavery: The Game confirmed as viral ad for Dutch tv documentary

GamePron: Guess what? Slavery: The Game was indeed a bit of viral marketing! Dutch broadcaster Omroep NTR has – somewhat shamefacedly – admitted that the trailer (and accompanying website) were created as part of an advertising campaign for an upcoming documentary series. No, really.

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DrFUD2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

I knew it was a documentary all along.
I mean think about it...

How else do you describe the 360 fanbase?

Oldman1002630d ago

Damn, i was looking forward to setting up my own virtual cotton farm. That spiked bat looked pretty fun to use.

rdgneoz32630d ago

I was eyeing that whip. Though the scourge looks pretty nice too.

TheClown2630d ago Show