TotalPlayStation: Resistance 3 Review

Scott Rodgers writes: There is a lot to do in R3 and most of it is enjoyable. Sure, there are parts that could have used some work, but you'll probably have too much fun to take notice of them most of the time. Insomniac, I will never doubt you again. Kudos.

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PCE2653d ago

This game has been getting a lot of 9/10 scores among the underdog web sites. Not a huge fan of FPS games but I'll give this game a try once it comes out. The regenerative health system has turned me away from many shooters this generation.

Biggest2653d ago

It's only kinda in multiplayer. Health packs only in single player.

PCE2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

I kind of understand the multiplayer part, but in SP heal packs are the way to go. It would be nice if they have game modes with health packs for gamers that prefer it though. Maybe in a future update.

Pintheshadows2653d ago

I welcome health packs back with open arms.

LiViNgLeGaCY2653d ago

Yeah I'm glad they brought back the health packs for the single player.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2653d ago

Having Fun with it so far, with the exception of the lag.

I found a way to see the SRPA Death Ops guy (zombie lookin dude) on the multiplayer select screen. Go to the SRPA Death Ops and press down-up-down-up a few times slow then fast to take a look at the guy it should stop at the Tommy Dean character and shows up. Unlocks at level 60. Dont think it opens him up when you select your character it reverts back to the person you have unlocked, but worth a mention seeing as how its gonna take a while for me to unlock him.