Boom, Head-Shot!

There are few things in life as exciting as getting a head-shot while playing (Insert FPS title here). Knowing that your speed, superior skill and mad precision let you own your less than equal counterpart...

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Ramses32655d ago

I <3 headshots
except when they happen to me of course, but even then theyre cool to watch :P

JsonHenry2655d ago

I feel like I hit the lottery every time I get a headshot in the Red Orchestra 2 beta. Hell, I'm just happy when I get a kill.

buddymagoo2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I find them cool even when they happen to me. I'm there gunning away and..... bam, dead! I'm like "what the.... that was quick, Ahhh... head shot, cool."

Fishy Fingers2655d ago

I always found Counter Strike had the most satisfying headshots, largely because of the games difficulty. If you got a headshot, you knew you'd earned it.

spore6002655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

BLACK had that effect on me, due to the fact that you'd have to empty an entire clip to kill a baddie. You almost had no choice but to go for headshots.

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