Dragon Quest X in development for six years, says former Square Enix employee

The Wii version Dragon Quest X won't be released until some time next year. By then, the game will have been in development for close to seven years.

This is according to former Square Enix employee Takehko Hoashi. At his Twitter today, Hoashi wrote that the game has already been in development for six years.

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tiffac0082657d ago

6 years?! O_O

There goes my hope for FFXIII Versus ;_;

solideagle12656d ago

Square Enix does not develop dragon quest. it is developed by another studio cannot remember the name....


tiffac0082656d ago

Your talking about Armor Project which has an exclusive production contract with Square Enix (since Enix I think before the merger).

I think Armor Project is just like Kojima Productions for Konami where the developers has no power on what games to make or when to release them.

Since they've been doing all the Dragon Quest games for the past couple of years for the Wii and the DS.

And just to be clear there has been more than one developer that has handled Dragon Quest through out its lifetime.

Even Level-5 handled the franchise once.

majdees2657d ago

This should release also on PS3

jacen1002656d ago

5 years worth? is this is gonna be a wii and a wiiU exclusive? if so its gonna be a great launch title for the wiiU

tarbis2656d ago


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