TechtimeNOW - BloodRayne: Betrayal Review

Another win for WayForward or just another cheap Castlevania knock off? TechtimeNOW examines this latest entry into the BloodRayne franchise.

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GSpartan7771699d ago

I'm very surprised how well this game turned out to be. Like no offense to anyone who liked the original games. I thought they were average at best, but I'm really excited for game, especially since I really enjoy 2D action games.

celldomceen11699d ago

Played the demo its pretty nice, guess I will be purchasing this pretty soon. It has a really old school feel to it and i love that.

Omar911699d ago

i liked it alot but one problem i felt i had playing the demo was the controls not as responsive as they should of been. maybe it me.

it also reminded me of shank. which is not a bad thing.. just sayin

Son_Lee1699d ago

This game gets VERY hard about halfway through, which is where I'm at now. It's like the 2D Demon's Souls.

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