Nintendo 3DS Right Analog Mockup

Nintendo Gal presents a rough idea what the accessory may look on your system with a physical mockup.

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TheSoundDefense2571d ago

I think it's modeling clay but I'm not sure.

NintendoGal2570d ago

Actually it's Sculpey III and Super Sculpey mixed together. I use it for other projects.

Trunkz Jr2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I remember the first DS was big and clunky and I added that Neko charger to give my DS more life, and it looks very similar to that minus an analog but it did feel good in the hands, downside was it made it bigger this not being able to slide into my pocket (mainly cause of the rubber hands tho)

Many people are just over reacting, this is actually a good thing for the 3DS tho a bit annoying, it shows that the 3DS lite (i'll call it that) would be better looking and have 2 analogs but you won't see that till end of Q1-Q2 2013 but allows many more games to come to the 3DS.

AWBrawler2570d ago

ok can we admit this add on it ugly already. It may even end up working nice, but why mockup that horrendous sight?They laughing at it and for once i can understand why.

NintendoGal2570d ago

It was something to do while watching Star Trek: TNG admittedly. ;)

AWBrawler2569d ago

Data FTW! I want a good Star Trek TNG game

badjournalism2570d ago

I guess the Famitsu scans were too complex for people?

NintendoGal2570d ago

A picture at a bad angle can only tell so much. I wanted to know how it would feel in my hands and figured others would like to see a how it would look in more than just a poor scan.