PAX 2011 Final Fantasy XIII-2 Interview - GotGame

Do you like Moogles? Of course you do! What self respecting Final Fantasy fan would have anything to but “Kupo!” to say at their mere mention? But what do these odd creatures have to do with Final Fantasy XIII-2 and just what’s going on story wise in this highly anticipated sequel, anyways? Maybe you should watch this interview and find out.

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LJX_GG2659d ago

Hopefully this FF will be actually fun to play. I had a problem getting into the last few properly...

DA_SHREDDER2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Well since I don't have much good to say about ff13, I do wanna say I was hoping they gave the combat system for FF13-2 a total reboot, but now after this vid I see they are adding another layer of crap to it. I really just don't get why they felt the need to get rid of the old combat system? I mean they did make Kingdom Hearts, so if someone wanted to play an action RPG they had that covered, but instead they tried fixing what wasn't broken to begin with, so yeah. To those who liked FF13, you might even like this game more cause it seems they are actually trying to make this game feel like a real FF game. As for me, I'll be sitting here tight, waiting for that FFX HD remake, if not I'm just gonna have to get a ps2 sooner or later so I can play some real rpg's cause everything that has come out so far this gen has not done the rpg genre any justice.