Jak 2: How it rewrote the sequel blueprint

CVG: The golden rule of video game sequels is to offer more of the same, but bigger and better. Give 'em beefier guns, screen-filling bosses and a multi-player mode - but don't go alienating the fans with risks. As sequels go, Jak 2 stopped just short of punching its fans in the face.

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Cajun Chicken2655d ago

Seriously? I love it. One of my favourite games of all time.

rezzah2655d ago

I'd buy an Hd collection if they ever bring it out because my bro lent it to one of his friends and I never got it back.

PhoenixDevil2655d ago

the Jak & Daxter series to me is simply put one of the greatest, as with the innocence of my youth playing the first game I was the ripe age to pick up Jak 2 and Jak 3 improved everything I complained about Jak 2 by far

I still remember the little in jokes like when krew signs them up for the racing team Daxter is reading the contract about merchandise n stuff n then reads out 'game rights' Daxter turns looks at the camera lyk 'wtf this is a game' gd times

WhiteLightning2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I actually liked the fact they give him a voice and some character development.....not like all this "You feel like your the character" crap when playing mutes...Cough Cough Valve....could of given Chell a great personality, some hilarious dialouge between her and GLaDOS and even some character development to make her into a fully developed strong female character...........but no you passed on that chance <sigh>

Tainted Gene2655d ago

I agree,

I would only add that playing a mute is also satisfactory, it just how the developers implement it into the gameplay/story; ala KOTOR, GTA 3, and Oblivion. Of course its my opinion.

For the record I would have also loved half 2 a hell alot better if Gorden actually talked.

WhiteLightning2655d ago

The thing is people say they would spoil it but Valve have talented writters....they shouldn't just take the easy route by not letting them talk

Freeman is alright I suppose since he's been like that since 1998 but Chell...come on Valve, fair enough the first Portal since it was just a "what if" gamers like it and we did...the sequel was a perfect chance to bring her character to life. We finally would of gotten a developed Valve main character.