Resistance 3 Trophy Guide

Resistance 3 contains a total of 57 trophies available to unlock including 51 bronze, 4 silver, 1 gold and 1 platinum. Warning, this guide contains spoilers that pertain to the main story. Proceed with caution.

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Sev2574d ago

Now everyone can get the platinum. :)

doctorstrange2574d ago

And the game isn't even out here, so I should be able to get a plat straight away.

decimalator2574d ago

You're a busy beaver. I only had time to play for 2 hours last night :(

Michael-Jackson2574d ago

Cool guide, I will probably use this if I get stuck.

decimalator2574d ago

I will unabashedly use this even before I get stuck. ;-)

JonnyBigBoss2574d ago

Remarkable. I can't wait to get this game.

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