Over 500 Developers Working on Call Of Duty Series

There are more than 500 developers working on the Call of Duty series , Activision has revealed.

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Agent_hitman2659d ago

And still, this franchise is nothing, compare to BF3's visual??...

I don't care how many fantards devs are in there working, the more important is the advancement of graphics.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2659d ago

With 500 workers I would expect a big improvements instead of taking a tiny step forward in each game.

evrfighter2659d ago

Guarantee 400 of em are doing doing nothing but mapping

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2659d ago


Maybe, if thats the case i want all the maps to be awesome lol. I actually dislike a few of them in Mw2 + Black ops.

RyuCloudStrife2659d ago

i know its still looks like CoD 4 graphics wise if MW3 had better graphics I'd purchase it hands down. On the other hand BF3 has amazing graphics and thats why I'm buying it so I can enjoy the graphics :) I'll just stare at my monitor.

Tachyon_Nova2659d ago

People always seem to chant the mantra 'graphics don't make a game!', yet your 5 agrees suggest alot of people feel differently. Oh wait, Call of Duty has to operate under different rules than all other games, how could I forget...

karl2659d ago

u wish graphics was the only thing that it sucks for MW3

game mechanics are still the same.. just as gameplay and everything else

u can only expect new maps and a really short campaign

why dont just do some DLC activition? oh right.. the money

christheredhead2659d ago

the last step should be the improvement of graphics. if modern warfare 3 had visuals far beyond bf3, it would still be mw3. makes no difference regardless.

im all for graphical advancement, but that should be the last step, not the first, once your base game play and online experience has improved. things of that nature are far more important than looking pretty. im not defending the series, but that should apply to most games, cod included.

iHEARTboobs2659d ago

500 developers from 7 different studios.

Kevin ButIer2659d ago

LOL and they must be working hard on the next box art cause graphic wise is like MW2

farhad2k82659d ago


Funny thing is, in the BF BC2 days, all the BF fanboys were saying 'gameplay over graphics anyday!' and 'fuck crysis 2, gameplay over graphics' LOL

BlueEye2659d ago

Are you fucking kidding me? Graphics is all that matters, really?

No, graphics aren't nearly as important as you seem to think, CoD may have some slightly outdated graphics but that's cause it works, it doesn't need super ultra mega upgrades every game cause it's perfectly good looking as it is, now the last 4 years what has been happening with CoD, it changes, it progresses, it gets better.

So you can take your stupid graphics and shove them up your ass cause they don't hold a candle against gameplay.

Reborn2659d ago

COD gets better as it progresses?

It's like you said, it doesn't need upgrades. It generates them money, Activision know it works, and will keep doing it until it stops working. Which won't be any time soon.

PRHB HYBRiiD2659d ago

"now the last 4 years what has been happening with CoD" getting worse and selling more

TheMyst2659d ago

Gameplay is really important but look at it this way, if graphics and tech didn't matter why the hell would we upgrading systems ever few years? If gameplay was all that mattered, we'd still be playing on our old NESs.

ape0072659d ago

mw3 gfx are very good with great 60 fps

and the gameplay is, well.....cod gameplay is the best

i cannot wait for mw3, it's gonna blow everybody away(except some sad haters LOL)

creatchee2659d ago

Graphics are the most important thing in gaming? Really?!

There's these little things called gameplay and fun that beg to differ.

F7-2659d ago

That´s for sure. IMO 1 man is enough - ctrl+c/ ctrl+v, logo a textures changing and it´s done

BlmThug2659d ago

Not all about graphics but BF3 is the superior game

JeffGUNZ2659d ago

Oh! You have played the final build of BF3? Awesome. Please, tell us all how it is? You must have it in order to claim it's the "superior game". How on earth did you get a copy of not only BF3 early, but MW3 early to compare?! Wow. You're a special guy.

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3GenGames2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

And it's still not even competing with games half as notable....good to know where the talent is not in the industry. Or, not that there's no talent at Acitivision, but no ability of them to use it because they're not being allowed? Probably the later. Activision sucks when they have a popular game, they poke at it's fanbase until they all leave for better, more innovative games.

Go try to but a Guitar Hero game, you can't for a reason.

creatchee2659d ago

I'm pretty sure that you can find Guitar Hero games in stores still. The last release was actually among the best in the series, despite the fact that the franchise is in a holding pattern at the moment.

CaptainPunch2659d ago

Damn that's quite a lot of people

GrumpyVeteran2659d ago

500 developers and no innovation?

bumnut2659d ago

I think the ones who try to innovate 'disappear'

Undeadwolfy2659d ago

It seems that these developers fix certain things, but make other things worse so when it comes round to yet again another CoD or MW they can fix those problems in turn creating new problems. Its a cycle and the only way for Activision/Devs to justify why you should buy their game. When you read articles, alot of them are...

'Well we fixed x'

'Oh and Y is different now because you can now....'

ExitToExisT2659d ago

still the game looks and plays the same as cod 4

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