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Carl of The Koalition writes: "There are two groups of people who will be downloading Street Fighter III: Third Strike – Online Edition. Those who have played Street Fighter II and IV but would love the sample the game which came in-between and those who are already enamoured with Street Fighter III and can’t wait to show off their advanced parrying skills online. If you belong in the latter camp, you should stop reading this review now, assume I gave the game a 10/10 and download it immediately (If you haven’t already). For everyone else, I suggest you continue playing the fighting game that you’re currently invested in and let this one pass you by."

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Michael-Jackson2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

A bit harsh for a great game.

LiamIRL822659d ago

The first truly honest review I've seen for this game. It has not aged well and it's brutally hard and impossible to find a game online. don't waste your money on this.

eferreira2658d ago

I always get a match within seconds or mintues. Online is smooth and the game has more replay than the original. It should not score this low

kza2658d ago

agree this is a great game, it takes about 30 seconds to find an online game

Tito082658d ago (Edited 2658d ago )

I'm having a great time with the game, played a lot of ranked matches, and that it didn't age well???? I completely disagree with you because it is still one of the best looking 2D fighters around, the best 2D animation, to any SF fan, this is more worthy than $15, Handicap Trials, Combo Trials, Parry Trials, youtube upload, tournament mode, challenges, first game to feature replays from the DC days, I can see the "reviewer" doesn't know jack about that game!!!!

ScytheX32658d ago

even for its age, its still crap just look at the backgrounds complete garbage, and look at other dc (even capcom games) like marvel vs capcom 2 backgrounds were 100x better looking.

meganick2658d ago

Who cares about how the backgrounds look? The game still plays great.

Tito082658d ago

Who gives a rat about the backgrounds, I don't play with backgrounds, you comparing a 2D background to a 3D background???? seriously, I play my fighting games for the fighting system and their characters, not dumb backgrounds!!!!

TukkerIntensity2658d ago

This review is a zero out of 10. The game is great, plays great and has a boat load of extra content. Well worth the $15.00

DeleteThisxx2658d ago

People saying 3rd strike is crap because the graphics haven't "aged well." Wow, lmao. I'm sorry but, 3rd strike is still on par with modern day fighters in terms of gameplay. You people must be miserable, I'd hate to see how you reacted to old school classics that have horrible graphics but fantastic gameplay.

Stay free.

Simon_Brezhnev2658d ago

Guilty Gear 1 looks and plays better than 3rd strike. Then again SF alpha is my favorite in the SF series.

Tito082658d ago

I like Guilty Gear, but is not anywhere as good as 3rd Strike and King of Fighters, not even BlazBlue is better than those!!!!!

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