EA: Battlefield 3 Preorders Stand At 1.25M, Star Wars Still Aiming For Q4

Gamasutra: "At the Citi 2011 Tech Conference on Wednesday, Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown said preorders for the upcoming DICE-developed military first-person shooter Battlefield 3 are tracking ahead of the previous franchise entry.

Industry watchers also have their eyes on preorders for another major EA title: BioWare Austin-developed Star Wars: The Old Republic. Brown said that EA doesn't have specific preorder numbers for the hotly-anticipated MMORPG, but said the "title demand is tracking consistent with our expectations."

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thugbob2537d ago

Those numbers will most likely increase when people get their hands on the beta.

I haven't preordered BF3 yet myself and whether or not I actually do preorder will depend on the beta.

evrfighter2537d ago

this number is going to spike up considerably. I myself and nobody I know have pre-ordered it but it's day 1 for all of us.

Forbidden_Darkness2537d ago

You and your friends should preorder a copy, because you get the Karkland multiplayer maps for free if you do, otherwise you'll have to pay for them or miss out on them later on.

Corax2537d ago

Gamestop might give it to them free if they go pick it up the same day it drops but then again they might be run my douches the main reason i had to preorder mine early. I guess being an asshole is more of a disease than a phrase these days

BakedGoods2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

I pre-ordered the second Gamespot had the SKU in their system.

I don't doubt DICE or the BF name.

miDnIghtEr2537d ago Show
DigitalxPiracy2537d ago

I've preordered 2 copies for the PC and plan to preorder 2 more for the 360. I've done my part :)

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venom062537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

AWESOME NUMBERS FOR AN SURELY AWESOME GAME... for a game that we ALL know will be much better quality than that crap MW2.3 DLC, this should also sell well.... BF3 FTW!!

newhumanbreed2537d ago

You mean COD 4 Map Pack #4

fluffydelusions2537d ago

I am one of those 1.25m preorders.

Aussiegamer2537d ago

Yeah I pre ordered ps3 and pc versions.

Aussiegamer2537d ago

@number 13 I can show you my receipts if you really think I would lie about something so incredible stupid. How have I got anything to gain from this lie?? My mates play ps3 and I wanted the pc version for the visuals. But hey whatever you think.

BLAKHOODe2537d ago

So am I. Preordered and PAID for.
I'm READY ! ! !

Toman852537d ago

Im a one of them too :)
Come on october!! I must have this game for my PC!

darthaq2537d ago

I AM the !.25 millionth pre orderer

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