Do you, or anyone you know, suffer from video game compulsion?

Video game addiction/compulsion is a hot topic that comes to the light of news sources every few months, usually when someone dies in an internet cafe or some kids go all vigilante. This brings on the question: how many gamers suffer from video game compulsion?

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Hellsvacancy2654d ago

Nope, i get bored too quickly, i dont get how people can play games for 10+ hours straight, longest i ever play is 2-4 hours, im addicted to other things like weed and porn (AWESOME combo)

One-X2654d ago

This is a very complex subject to talk about, actually. Several factors come into this rather than just wanting to get away from life.

- Life issues [wanting to get away from them]
- Addicted to a game for the game [Sometimes games can just reel you in and before you know it you're hooked]
- How much spare time you have

I just find it to be a complicated subject in all honesty.

I've been addicted to games, I've gone on 12 hour runs before, I've skipped a week or two of school for games before, and I had a whole lot of spare time because I didn't like the people around me at the time.

However the difference is when you're doing it to run away from your problems, and there's a huge difference although some will argue about it. I've gone on to play MMORPG's to get away from life, from my problems before, but it's sometimes healthy to just get that game to bring you up off your feet and place you back on the ground y'know? Depression, we have defence mechanisms for pain, the most popular is probably avoiding your problems. So it's hard to pin point direct Video Game Compulsion.

I had someone in my old school that racked up 3000 hours in...I don't even know, less than a year? He had Video Game Compulsion simply cause he had so many problems and wasn't willing to face any of them. He failed school, and didn't even apply for college and have any further plans, he only came to school every other week anyway. That's what I define as video game compulsion [Sorry for trying to seperate two rather the same thoughts when it's pretty obvious. I just rant too much for my own good]. It's not nice to see anyone like that at all.

But it's also a very difficult thing to recover from, the same as depression really. Instead of smoking, taking drugs, or whatever else you do, you play video games. I broke the odd time I was truly in Compulsion, when I just.. thought everything through, considered what I valued, and slowly started breaking from my shell [video games] and then began working on the problems.

However, video game compulsion in this day and age is huge right now, people will just say they like video games, but deep down know they're internally hooked on it. It's sad to see, and even harder to help because they will always say their opinion is right.

So in the end, I think it does exist more than we think, but dealing with it is near impossible.

Sorry for the incoherent rant people, I go off on all different tangents about whatever xD I just let my mind take me wherever it wants, so sorry if what I say seems random, off-topic, or if it makes no sense.

Caleb_1412654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Good read :) I shudder to think how many hours i've put into gaming over the years and i'm only 18. However I also did it for various reasons such as bullying, low self-esteem, etc.

Luckily I got my act together this academic year and worked my nuts off to score top grades in my maths and chemistry. I didn't game for 2 whole months and just revised for 12 hours a day in the same old dining room. Problem is my social life in my school was pretty much non-existant - took me too long to realise that I couldn't just spend all my free time gaming and the friends I had had given up on me by then. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise, as I barely went into school this year and just did all my work from home - if I had a social life I don't think I could of been as focused.

I'm off to university in 17 days to do a masters degree in chemical engineering. I'm hoping to turn myself around and make myself a more sociable, outgoing and confident individual and I think that all I need is a change of scenery.

Hopefully other people that game alot can come to terms with it like i'm doing and make themselves a more well rounded person :)

TheDivine2654d ago

Congrats on going to college bro. Dont worry you will def make some good friends high school is always an odd time for everybody. Its better to be yourself than to try to fit in. You will find some people there that click with who you are and have the same interests as you. It sounds like you can go far if you apply yourself. I dont hang out with anybody anymore either but i have a great girl and family to chill with. I quit hanging with everyone i know because i wanted to change my life, get sober, and start thinking about the future. Gaming def helped me early on good thing too cause everybody else fell off hard. Once you start meeting people, going to a few parties, and meet some girls you wont have time to game. Gaming is great im pasionate about it but work, school, my gf, and family ALL come first. After that though lol.

stevenhiggster2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I find myself going and sitting at my PC or PS3 to game, even when I don't really fancy playing anything in particular, just because I have the time.
Does that make me an addict?

If so then hey, I could be addicted to worse things, gaming's not so bad.

Blaine2654d ago

Nope, that doesn't make you an addict. Unless the reason you have nothing else to do than game is because you blew everything else off... then maybe you are!

But I'm like you: I play a lot because I have nothing else to do in those moments. Some people around me thought I was addicted, but I proved to myself that I'm not when I went away for 6 months this year without my PS3. I didn't even miss it. When I got back, I didn't even touch it for a week before I got bored and turned it on.