Why Sandbox games were never my thing

Sandbox games, games in which the player is free to do whatever (s)he pleases, are becoming increasingly popular. Minecraft in particular is already huge and is looking to be even bigger in the future. Besides that, many other games are getting sandbox elements, allowing you to roam the city doing whatever you want, before continuing with the story. And that’s great, isn’t it? Well, actually, I’m afraid I just never played well in the Sandbox…

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2574d ago
vglulz2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

You can't beat a good sandbox game, as long as there are lots of interesting things to do and see. If the developer fails to provide the entertainment to match the scope, it leaves the world feeling boring and empty.

I still think Just Cause 2 should have been a little smaller with more dense environments. As much as I loved the game, there were too many empty spots.

Trophywhore2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Very true.

Personally, I dont get articles like this. Its not like we really care what the writer thinks and making a blog that says "why I hate insert popular mainstream thing here becaue im cool and indie"makes you sound like a pretentious prick. Its ok to hate something popular,but there is no reason to hate things that have no logical reason to be hated at all. Some people hate chocolate, but they dont broadcast it becuse they would be banned from any social event for the rest of their life.

Grip2573d ago

i don't give a %#@# what ur thing.. keep it to ur self plz. end of story

Trophywhore2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Its easy to say but hard to explain. You seem to have trouble with the latter.


BeOneWithTheGun2573d ago

I cant even imagine the backlash if skyrim was not open world.

hilyou2574d ago

i think for some people its too ambitious to play a sandbox game. sometimes for me too, in gta and just cause 2 i easily got distracted. i basically never focused on the story.

Twizlex2573d ago

That's exactly why they are so great. They don't even need a story for you to have hours of fun with them. Other games you play through the story and bam, you're done playing. Sandbox games live on and provide more bang for your hard-earned gaming buck.

battyschlaps1222573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

hilyou, I pretty much agree with that. The story in Just Cause 2 was weak.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2574d ago

I love sandbox games! They always have a bunch of stuff you can do! It always seems like their is something new.

Example, GTA San Andreas was my favorite sandbox for 2 years and played it nonstop... i was always entertained.

thephillup2574d ago

Sandbox games are great when they are done well. Otherwise it just ends up being a lot of countless running for nothing. The sandbox needs immersion.

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