Are you ready to be consumed by Dark Souls?

We are less than a month out from experiencing Dark Souls. Gamers from all around will be in rage over the constant deaths and unedifying odds hurtled at them. Yet, this is what made Demon Souls my favorite game last year or this generation for that matter.

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Hellsvacancy2654d ago

Ive been ready ever since my Demon's Souls Platinum

BootHammer2654d ago

You and me both Hellsvacancy =)

ashbc2654d ago

Continuing the high standard I've come to expect from BootHammer. Great article :)

BootHammer2654d ago

Thanks Ash! Looking forward to ButtonCombo's next review ;)

rattlesnake252654d ago

looking foward to it. sounds awesome

MagicAccent2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Hell yeah!

See you all in game!

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