Call of Duty Elite: Worth the $50 Price Tag or Not?

Velocity Gamer: Activision finally released all the details of whats in store for those who purchase a subscription for Call of Duty Elite. But is it really worth your $50? We take a deeper look into whats being offered.

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Grip2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

i can't believe anyone Disagree with that. i mean who want to pay 110$ for one game! i mean half the price of Xbox 360 and PS3

Pixel_Enemy2659d ago

For some, that game is the only reason they own a console. I feel sorry for those people..

Caleb_1412659d ago

If you always buy every single DLC for every COD then sure it's a great deal.

I however haven't bought a DLC since WaW so it would not be worth me paying for.

Also i'm buying BF3 over MW3


Kee2659d ago

Yeah, if you buy the DLC it actually works out cheaper if you have elite.

Op242659d ago

I hadn't though about it but after reading the article the author is right. You can find most of the stuff their offering for free elsewhere. I almost feel like they're copying most of what gamebattles offers and trying to charge people for it.

Hockeydud192659d ago

There's that and just think about it. PS Plus or XBL subscribers will be paying over $100 a year on just subscription fees. Unless your one of those people that are lucky enough to find good deals on those.

Jobesy2659d ago

Another uninformed person who thinks PS+ if something you need to play online. PS+ shouldn't even be mentioned in this conversation.

Kee2659d ago (Edited 2659d ago )

Yeah, PS+ isn't needed to play online. So, that's a bad example.

Edit; but what we're saying is that the cost of playstation plus is completely optional and shouldn't be mentioned in the same breath as call of duty elite because it's up to whoever buys it to get it. Just like call of duty elite. You don't need it.
Why should a game company be any different?
Coca cola continue to put up the prices of their bottles of cola whether people want to buy sweets or not.

Hockeydud192659d ago

I know you don't need it. I'm just saying for those who DO have PS Plus.

creatchee2659d ago

Actually, Elite and PS+ are exactly in the same vein - optional content for an additional fee. Maybe you meant to say LIVE?

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Jordanemery2659d ago

Well. Not if you consider that most of the stuff offered used to be free. I wrote this article about it... Then, I'm sure you won't consider it worth $50 either.

creatchee2659d ago

You are severely misinformed. Everything that was always free with COD is still free with Elite - nothing has been taken away. In fact, many features have been added to the free portion of Elite that haven't been available before. I'm not sure where you are going with this?

Jordanemery2657d ago


I found this link... which helped clear a few things up.

FlashXIII2659d ago

If you plan on buying all the DLC for mw3 then yes it's worth it. It offers enough bells and whistles to make it an appealing buy for die hard cod players. If you don't plan on getting the DLC or not sure, then no it really isn't.

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The story is too old to be commented.