PixelJumpers: Crimson Alliance Review

"So where do I stand on Crimson Alliance? It’s not terrible, but it’s a truly mindless hack ‘n slash with very little polish and almost no depth to add replay value. The game can be finished in less than five hours on the hard difficulty, and nothing really motivates you to keep playing aside from a potentially fun party chat with friends who are playing alongside in co-op. For 1200 MS points, I would pass on Crimson Alliance, but even at the 800 MS point price I’m hesitant to recommend the game, especially when you’ve got a game like Torchlight that has so much more to offer for the same price as the full package of Crimson Alliance. If you’re looking for an Xbox Live co-op option in the genre, then it may fit the bill for now, but check out the demo as it offers pretty much all the excitement that you’ll find in the full game." Bryan Tremblay, Contributor

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Bigpappy2655d ago

I'll pay the demo. There is always some one who is not happy. But who knows, may be I will agree after the demo. Here is hoping I do not.

NovaXz2655d ago

Yep, everyone has their own opinion and I still look forward to trying out the game.