Would you pay for premium Battlelog service?

If EA/DICE came out with a premium Battlelog service for Battlefield 3 that not only offered a new map each month for 12-months, and only cost $50 per year would you buy? Yes, it sounds more like a season pass then a premium service. But the question still stands.

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lugia 40002657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

Probably not, but unlike COD, they would make something good worth the 50$/year

NuclearDuke2656d ago

Five Map Packs @ $15 - $75. You get these for $50 plus additional services, such as livestream + commentating 720p/1080p quality of live events. A gameshow with two wellknown actors. Several clan additions and game gimmicks.

I think if you wish to purchase additional content, the $50 is well put out.

dangert122656d ago

Why are we wasting time debating this EA said it wont happen

blaktek2656d ago

Elite being a good deal implies it's OK for a dev to charge you for things that are free ?

I don't know who you are, but let me show you what CoD should be :

Please pay attention to the yellow number. It is 768.

768 free maps. Half of them are sub-par, a quarter are IW worth, the rest is miles above.

So please condone milking, and captured audience. Consumers win, right ?

Pixel_Pusher2656d ago

No. Now f*** off you greedy ********* ******* ***** ***!

Trunkz Jr2656d ago

Map packs are nothing but money grabbers. I would rather see BF3 throw in a free map once in a while, then charge $15-20 for an awesome expansion which changes the game (ex. BC2 Vietnam)

NO FPS should EVER charge for a monthly/yearly service, thats one of the great things about FPS is that you buy the game and your good to go. Plus EA can sell more copies of BF3 saying they don't charge for this service like CoD does rather then make $50 a year from someone.

disturbing_flame2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )


More than that, this question ask us about our idea about online gaming. About a price we can put on something that can be free...
What about paying to play online ? This question will be ask soon too...
I'm not ready to leave my freedom to play for free online with my friends.

I thank Sony and a lot of games on PC to give us (except some MMOs then) this freedom on this generation while more and more people find it's normal to pay to play online.

Because of them, one day, we'll all have to pay to play online because it will become a norm.

I'll remember with nostalgia the time when we used to connect and play and nothing more back in the days.

Hufandpuf2656d ago

they didn't consider charging, EA said no.

Caleb_1412656d ago

...and whatever EA says must be true

Convas2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

No. I'm not buying COD Elite, nor would I buy this. It's a shame that they (EA/Activision) [would even consider charging/would charge] us for the kind of stat tracking and file sharing system that Bungie (now 343i) has been providing us for free since TWO THOUSAND AND MOTHER FLIPPING SEVEN.

@Folks who bring up Xbox Live: That argument is getting REAL old now. It's been around since the original Xbox. There are plenty of deals YEAR ROUND to get it for a killing and it's a pretty good value for whatever money you're willing to pay for it.

Don't want it? Cool. Sure you buy the game, but MS/Sony are still the ones footing the bill for the servers YOU play hundreds of hours on. MS has been getting theirs upfront for years, this is nothing new.

fluffydelusions2657d ago

Nope but I will def pay for BF3 day 1 :)

RememberThe3572656d ago

No. Not because It wouldn't be worth it but because I go through so many games I wouldn't get as much use out of it. There are a lot of game on the horizon, Battlefield 3 is just one of many.

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