LittleBigPlanet 2 Now $39.99, Move Support Enabled

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waltyftm2534d ago

GOTY 2011 for loads of people, now at a super low price that will love you longtime.

archemides5182534d ago

will pick it up for 30 for a non-greatest hits red-eye-sore version.

Caffo012534d ago

Awesome! it's almost time to play lbp 2 again!

TheLastGuardian2534d ago

What do you mean again? It's always time to play LBP2. I haven't stopped playing it all year. I never have trouble finding great new levels to play.

Imo, nothing can possibly beat LBP2 for GOTY 2011 because nothing beats unlimited free content and LBP2 has a fun factor like no other. I can't wait for the Move pack. LBP2 is going to be the best Move game yet.

Caffo012532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

i mean that i stopped playing it because of killzone 3, infamous 2 .. and MAG... but i really wanted to play LBP2 again and that's an excuse to come back XD

by the way if you want to try my levels my PSN ID is Caffer :) (Space War II is really addictive if you have someone to play with..)

gustave1542534d ago

LBP2 most underplayed best game of the year.

kingPoS2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Nonthing wrong with the lady's voice at all....but it's just not the same without Stephen Fry's voice.