Dead Island - All Blueprint Locations and Crafting Guide

Complete Walkthrough/Guide for all crafting blueprints; including all locations, cost, ingredients, effects, etc

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Excalibur1962d ago

Now this is a good guide.
I approve.

jriquelme_paraguay1962d ago

and.. i am startingg to hate Preorder Bonuses... F*ck U Gamestop...

I really want the arena modes!!!!

But i buy this from Amazon

One-X1962d ago

Very very nice. All we need now is an interactive map with all quest locations and the such (:

BattleTorn1962d ago

check out the Offical DI Map App for Iphones.

Im considering pay the $2.99

Whether you want it or not, the screenshots show the multiple area...

And I thought The Resort was big... wow!

One-X1962d ago

It's a very nice addition don't get me wrong, but it will be available over the internet with a map in the next few days most likely. So It'd feel like a huge waste to buy it.

BattleTorn1962d ago

true. via internet or app. I always like having my Iphone within reach while playing RPGs

This one is fairly detailed, but any online one is going to rip off it anyways.

ElementX1962d ago

People actually use guides? What happened to exploration and trial-and-error?

DarkTower8051962d ago

I don't know about Dead Island, but some games if you miss something in a mission you can't go back for it. I always keep a guide handy for this type of game as a backup.

ElementX1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

If it's something game breaking, then that's poor level design. Otherwise I play through a second time and look for things I missed the first play through.

jriquelme_paraguay1962d ago

In Sandbox Games?
Try to find every Pigeon on GTA4 without a guide..
or the GOlden Rels in LA NOire...

ElementX1962d ago

I suppose if you like to collect everything just for trophies/achievements then it would be helpful. I am personally not a completionist. If I miss a few collectables, it won't affect the story and my enjoyment of the game.

jriquelme_paraguay1962d ago

People actually use guides?
What happened to exploration and trial-and-error?

-Answered- :)

Jobesy1962d ago

@ jriquelme_paraguay, there were guides way before trophies/achievements. I remember using a Nintendo Power guide/map for Zelda on NES.

Getowned1962d ago

is the game worth a buy i was thinking of getting it on ps3

BattleTorn1962d ago

short answer. Yes.

long answer. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES!

RatchetandClank1962d ago

I Know This is off topic but what ever happen to the game ride to hell deep silver were working on.