Times Square Best Buy hosting Gears 3 launch complete with American Chopper

XMNR: The Best Buy Theater located in Times Square will be hosting a Gears of War 3 launch party starting on September 19 that will feature Epic Games developers, a musical performance and Gears of War inspired chopper.

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fluffydelusions2652d ago

I'd go but I already preordered at the gamestop next to my house and I don't want to take buses/trains to get to time square.

pixelsword2652d ago

Meh; if Junior isn't making it...

Queasy2652d ago

Paul Jr. is supposed to be there.

pixelsword2652d ago

Nice; I don't like his father's designs at all. He's good with practical bikes, but those gaudy ones Jr does the best job. Too bad they had to separate.