God of War 4: 10 Things We Want To See

"God of War is one of the most prestigious franchises we have seen in the last few years, and has become one of Sony's most important franchises, along with the likes of Uncharted and Killzone. And for good reason- God of War has been a very consistent franchise, with each of the five games never ever dipping in quality, and each providing players with a bloody, gruesome experience that they do not soon forget."

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JohnnyMann4202660d ago

This would be a great article had GoW4 even been announced...

koehler832660d ago

Santa Monica has dropped enough hints that they're working on it right now.

JohnnyMann4202659d ago

Yeah, just like we all know another GTA is on the way... that doesn't mean it's been announced or leaked or anything.

oddhead2660d ago

I love me some God of war but, I would much rather see what Sony Santa Monica could do if they were allowed to create a new franchise.

Jappy-k72660d ago

i want it to be made by a Japanese dev copcom or platinum games, if not, i don't want it cuz Asura's Wrath is my game!!

2660d ago
HeavenlySnipes2660d ago

they could go with the fact that after Kratos stabbed himself with the sword, he weakened himself enough to allow the soul of Hades (he absorbed it,remember?) to take over his body. He intends to use his powers as a god in Kratos' body to revive the gods but instead have himself as the lead god. He plans to make surface a replica of his underworld kingdom and enslave the human race.

In GOW: Ghost of Sparta, we see that Kratos' brother is buried. Well after the underworld is let loose and the souls are left to wander, his brother's is left to roam about. Gaia, lamenting her poor decisions (aiding Kratos) decides to use her remaining power as a giant (is that what they called them?) to restore his brother's likeness and tell him stop Hades from initiating his plans. A little sketchy, but it could work. Kratos would be the final boss

N311V2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

I think you're idea is great but to me Kratos is God of War. God of War IV with a different protagonist would be a tragedy in my opinion. Perhaps in the first part of the game we could play as your Hades possessed Kratos and enslave humanity then in the second part somehow break the possession and try and right the wrong?

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