TGV Preview: Red Orchestra 2

Derek at The Gaming Vault gets a taste of the Eastern Front with the Red Orchestra 2 Beta

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RustyMagus2657d ago

I tend to like my orchestras blue, but I could give this a try.

borisfett2657d ago

I've never actually played one of these. What makes it stand out from the rest?

Applederp2657d ago

It's hard to describe. You'd have to play it for yourself.

But I will say that Red Orchestra does massive war-themed Multiplayer FPS better than Battlefield

bumnut2657d ago

If you have never played one, you will be shocked a how difficult it is.

Its somewhere between arma and battlefield.

Ducky2657d ago

It goes for realism... but it isn't exactly a simulation as it sacrifices a few elements for funs sake.

It's somewhere between ARMA and Battlefield, in a WW2 setting.
I haven't had a chance to play the beta for RO2, but I pre-ordered the DDE simply because I had a blast with the first game.
... and I'm not really the kind of guy that likes realism in his shooters.

Moduserous2657d ago

Are there Nazi zombies? Cause its not a real game without them.

Sidology2657d ago

Probably not in the multiplayer beta.

Rooted_Dust2657d ago

There could be if you modded them in.

sovietsoldier2657d ago

this game has a ton of problems i dont see them being fixed by the 13 or a week later. its going to be just like dead island.

AronDeppert2656d ago

Bang bang bang!

I'm surprised more gamers aren't sick of war games by now.