Is Gears 3 Being Released Too Soon?

guess one had to come first, and it seems it's Gears 3. Gears drops on Sept 20th. It will sell a lot of copies, mainly because its one of Microsoft's few exclusives and we haven't seen a Gears of War game in 3 years now.

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WolfLeBlack2658d ago

I actually think Gears could have done with being released a tad early, around the start of this month. Currently the period leading up to Xmas is utterly swamped with titles, and a lot of gamers just can't get them all (we have an expensive hobby). But with Gears releasing just before the main part of the rush begins, it should give gamers plenty of time to save back up for the next big title.

EVILDEAD3602658d ago

Micrsoft pushed Gears back to the huge September slot.

Halo ODST and Halo Reach were released back-to-back years in the same time frame and both games went oon to sell millions.

Originally, Gears was going to be released in the first quarter. Which the truth be known would have been worse.

September is actually the best chance Gears has had in it's history.

If you understand game releases you know that Rockstar owns May..Micrsoft has owned September and Modern Warfare has owned November till November (lol).

You can be successful in November, but it BETTER be a STRONG franchise.

I've been saying this since Gears first moved it's date, the game is going to be a BEAST at retail. People are finally starting to get it now that the pre-orders are coming in.

Just watch what happens in a couple of weeks..


Supman2658d ago

I can't wait ANY longer for this game.
so "no" is the answer to yo question.
epic has done a great job with this
game, and its all ready for release.

2658d ago
kingdoms2658d ago

MSFT may be in a better position because they have huge exclusives that don't directly compete in the same genre's as huge AAA blockbuster multi plats later this year but they're not suckers.

fluffydelusions2658d ago

Not according to Epic. They said it was done in April but MS wanted to delay it. Glad they did because they said they used the time to polish it and add horde 2.0.

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The story is too old to be commented.