GenuineGamers: Why you should buy both MW3 & BF3

GenuineGamers writer Alex ‘Alaric’ Lemcovich speaks his mind on a war between two FPS giants and why you should purchase both MW3 and Battlefield 3.

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WolfLeBlack2654d ago

My own reason for getting both games is a simple; two games, twice the gaming joy.

fatalred alarm2653d ago

battlefield for realism and great teamplay/vehicles and a more imersive experience. Really FEELS like a battlefield with stuf blowing up around you.

Call of duty for a short but epic campaign and an arcade style gameplay in which you'll kill allot but find no satisfaction until you find yourself somewere on the top of the leaderbords in the end of the game. More personal score orientated perhaps?

My personal opinion atlhough I know allot off friends that agree with me on this.

evrfighter2653d ago

If you gotta save up for xmas and are on a budget. Skyrim +bf3 would be the better combo

fatalred alarm2653d ago

agreed, but i'm also getting halo:a and gears of war. Also got to pay of my new car, mitsubichi Lancer (:.

Convas2653d ago (Edited 2653d ago )

They are both going to have relatively short campaigns. Unless Robert Bowling wasn't joking about working on a longer campaign experience.

Thing I do nowadays is, short game or not, always play on the medium difficulty/the step behind the Hard or Hardest difficulty on my first playthrough.

Not only does it make the game more challenging and extend your initial experience, and when you finally beat it, in most cases, you feel more fulfilled than you would have if you had gone through on easy or normal.

Achievements and Trophies for completing on medium and above don't hurt either ;)

Corax2653d ago

I'm done with the COD series there is nothing I would go back for. can't believe people are really supporting both sides. ill post what I posted earlier.
Comment found on reddit and edited "Buy both? F that. Pick a side you commie! We're at war! It's why I bought an Playstation and automatically hate Microsoft. It's why you drink coke and have sent violent letters to Pepsi. It's why I own a dog and spit on kittens. No flip flopping!"
Pick a side you wouldn't support the North and South in the civil war would you? NO

deadpoole2653d ago

the problem is ... mw and bf uses different sensitivity and deadzone settings for their aim and move controls ... if i get use to one , the other gets ruined and takes time to getting back into sensitivity .... therefore i stick with one and top thar game .. anyway BF3 is for me this year ... cuz I simply efuse to give my hard earned money to developers who aint bringin nothin new to table.

BattleAxe2653d ago

I would buy both, except that I'm already buying Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and Payday: The Heist. Thats $140.00 right there, and then I've got to buy Mass Effect 3 in February.

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jriquelme_paraguay2653d ago

i cant with both... i am a hardcore gamer, but, i dont have too much time to play both.
I wanna reach the Max Rank Again on BF3... already 50 on BFB2...

In CODBO im 50, 2nd Prestige... i dont like to Prestigue.

Other thing... when i play CoD one day, the next Day, i try to play BFBC2 again, and i suck, because the controls and gameplay are totally different... and, CoD is 60fps, BFBC2 is 30fps...

So... i preffer to stay in one, and give all my dedication to BF3.

caperjim2653d ago

I agree. Ill be buying both. There is room for two great shooters this holiday.

solidworm2653d ago

im getting both because i like that whole epic war like feel you get with BF3 and i love cartoons too.

-Alpha2653d ago

What am I, made of money?

bloodybutcher2653d ago

i have the same problem,i am not made of money...but out of sugar,spice and everything nice:P
anyways,i wasplanning on getting bf3 first and mw3 somewhere down the road...but in the end i will go with dark souls,i have had enough of fps games lately.

SKUD2653d ago

Cost to content ratio is very much one sided. I shouldn't have to tell you which side though.

shooter12653d ago

I'm going to get both because both have my interest and both are good in there own way.

BattleTorn2653d ago

....because when two frachise competite, Gamers win!

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