Comic: The dumbest thing in Madden NFL 12

Bitmob's Jeff Grubb writes: "Our fans in the stands have discovered the dumbest thing in Madden NFL 12. It's not the play calling, the physics, or the artificial intelligence."

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Tolkoto2652d ago

Hopefully we'll have decent looking spectators in the next gen.

NagaSotuva2652d ago

I thought the dumbest thing in Madden games was John Madden.

JeffGrubb2652d ago

It was, now the dumbest thing is Chris Collinsworth.

acronkyoung2651d ago

Poor, Chris Collinsworth.

Sadie21002652d ago

Funny. I just watched the movie Miracle last night, and for some of the on-ice scenes, they used cardboard standees for the crowd. You don't notice it except in the behind-the-scenes's so weird! Now it's gonna stick out for me even more in sports games.