Why Prey 2 is a must have game

After seeing what Bethesda has done with the Prey series at PAX 2011, this is going to be a must have fps game this coming year. Not only is this game a sort of reboot of the series, but gamers will have their hands full with gadgets and weapons in a sort of free roaming, sandbox like environment.

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JimmyJames702659d ago

I gotta check this one out. I was tempted to play the first one but never did.

EVILDEAD3602659d ago

Absolutely LOVED the first game..can't wait for Prey 2. Still one of my all-time fave games to grace the 360.

It's a shame it didn't do the numbers it deserved, but I love that they are revisiting the franchise in a big way.


candystop2659d ago

Heck yeah. Prey was deep especially toward the end when you get pissed about your girlfriend. The way the aliens abduct the humans in the beginning is epic. this is one of those games i could see making it to the big screens.

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kube002659d ago

Yep it looks like a lot of fun. Its coming in Feb of 2012

Ramses32659d ago

"Open world + fast paced fps + bounty hunter + amazing graphics + awesome gadgets + unique setting = carry the one... and... oh, the answer is WIN."